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Big up your chest

As some of you my know asthma uk has started a campaign called big up your chest, mostly on facebook, aimed at helping students with asthma. The problem is the only thing i can see to get to it is to like it on fb. So ive done that. But i cant find any of the useful info advertised on the fb page. Does anyone.know if there is a normal internet page for this? Thanks for you help.

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Glad it's not just me! I 'liked' it thinking I'd be able to access the resources (check list for uni, etc. sounded useful) but I can't find them... And I'd say I'm good with computers/Facebook etc., so I'm not sure it's me. :S


the answer?

ok i think ive now found the answer to my rather silly question. you have to log in to facebook and then go on to their page, but ona real computer, i.e. not just on the internet from a mobile phone. hope this might help some of you.


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