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Hi All

Thought I'd introduce myself since I replied to a post. Apologies but I am having editing trouble as I can't seem to scroll up and down.

35 years old female diagnosed in the spring after my allergies (which only got last year) got so bad it turned into asthma. Have today been put on seretide 250 25 2x 2x after serevent ? 2x2x plus 5x 2x of clenil did not kill the exercise asthma symptoms although worked well for the day to day and night asthma. Cross fingers it works although beginning to realise winter is a bugger and it has barely been cold!

Also used to do loads of exercise but could not continue because of the fatigue and increased recovery time due to asthma although still do about 10 hours.

anyway lurk a lot to teach myself about asthma it's effects and the different medications so thanks got everyone's posts.

Thanks hermee

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Hi Hermee, welcome and thanks for your reply to my post, very helpful! I will bear all that in mind though don't want to go for the heavy weights, I am also after toning not bulking up as I seem to have more than enough muscle as it is. So will go for the light weights but will try the treadmill, bike etc as suggested - thanks.

Anyway sorry for replying to my post 10 hours! A week I assume, pretty impressive especially given the exercise-induced asthma.

Just wondering - you mention that you have trouble controlling the exercise-induced asthma; it might be worth asking your GP about trying montelukast/SIngulair. This is mainly for allergy-triggered asthma which you seem to have, but also exercise-induced asthma which you also seem to have! Obviously you'd want to discuss it with your GP, but I've found it really good, and my GP - who isn't down as having an interest in asthma but is into sports medicine and has a lot of experience with athletes and asthma - says it can work very well for this. It certainly has for me - I am nowhere near controlled but I can at least walk around faster than an old lady and not feel exhausted after half an hour which is what I was doing before I was on it (admittedly I wasn't on anything else at all but the difference was really noticeable).

Hope this helps!


Hi and thanks for that. I had picked up from these boards that it was good for allergy induced asthma but not that it was good for EIA. I've just bought the seretide so cross fingers it does the job but if not I will talk to my GP about it. he seems really good and said to me that the goal for me is to be able to do as much exercise as I want and there are medicines out there that will do that so we will just continue trying.

Really hope the exercise tips help. swimming is a good exercise for toning all over esp the upper arms or own body weight exercises which tone but don't really build too much muscle as your own body weight is too low to do that. pop in some press ups and squats and lunges and assisted chin ups and plank. what gym do you belong too? my own (virgin) allows you to ask for a free trainer session/tips. i did this when i had a shoulder op and arm in a sling and they gave me some tips on diff exercises to do without hurting it and another time when i wanted some specific tips. o try that. just be really clear about your asthma induce limitations as the other poster said. good luck.


Your GP sounds great which is always helpful - so hopefully he will be open to you trying the montelukast. I had actually come across it a while before I was put on it (think I saw it here and did some reading) and actually thought it might work for me where the steroids hadn't. But didn't get a chance as spent ages being told I didn't have asthma so didn't need any medication.

Thanks again for tips and have a lovely New Year with hopefully increased control and as much exercise as you want!


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