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Don't feel in control of my Asthma :(

I have been seeing my GP and a consultant at the hospital for almost 2 years now and after many test and visits I was diagnosed with non allergic Asthma a month or two ago at the age of 28 which was a shock to me, last year I was prescribed the brown and blue inhalers but they did not seem to relieve my symptoms at all so after I went to the out of hours doctors after a very scary night with what turned out to be a chest infection I was put on the symbicort inhaler, I’ve now been on this for a few months and I have also recently been prescribed montelukast tablets to take daily but I still don't feel like I am in control of the asthma, my breathing is labored most days now, I only have to walk up a flight of stairs to become out of breath, I also think my labored breathing is causing my constant tiredness, I can sleep for 8 hours solid but feel exhausted after a few hours of being awake. I don’t really know what to do now, I don’t know whether there is anything my GP can do for me, do I have to out up with these symptoms, are they just a fact of having asthma or do I need to insist on trying other treatments to try and help?

Any help or advise would be much appreciated.

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I would go back see your doctor or asthma nurse as there are other meds to try and change or add on.Sounds like you need a meds review asap!! They could put you on long acting bronchodilaors they work by openning your airways and relaxing the lungs and are slow releasing over 12 hours but alot of other meds also they could try you on. Montelukast can take up to 6 weeks to build up and start working fully .Love Glynis xxx


Thank you for your advice, my doctor did say it would take a while for the tabs to kick in but I didn't realise it was that long.


Dont give up on hope, it can take some time to get the meds balanced ... I have been asthmatic most of my life and it took a turn for the worse last year, and I was diagnosed with COPD .. I am going through trials too, to find the right inhalers, my bedside cabinet looks like a medicinal rainbow lol ... go back to your asthma nurse and ask for help if you think things arent working for you. Good luck xx


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