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Easing chest pain?

I am a poorly controlled asthmatic and currently suffering pain deeply in the back of my chest. It hurts when I breathe in and so far have been using paracetamol which isn't helping much. Have been to the doc and spoken to my consultant and the asthma nurse and they all seem to be more concerned with me not breathing well at the mo rather than the pain. So have been seeing the right people about it!

Does anyone have any ways to help the pain?


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i have the same

hi at the mo i have tthe same problem. i have a real bad pain that starts in my back and moves to the front on my right hand side. im ment to be going to see my asthma nurse on thursday but if you get any answers please let me know.sometimes its so bad it reduces me to tears

xxxx danni xxxx


Interesting to see i'm not alone in this! I am at the moment trying a hot water bottle which is helping a little, but not a lot.

Am also sitting up in an easy chair and have been since about eleven AM. Will maybe try some sleep later :)

Good luck at your Asthma appt!


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