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I feel so frustrated and disappointed in myself

Hello all.

Just on for a rant I suppose. I am currently in my sixth month of being off sick and it's starting to drive me crazy. I'm due my subcut to start too but don't know what I was thinking...thought I was better to go back to work. Doctor said no but I thought I knew better.....

Well... I went in today thinking I would last the whole day. Instead I lasted three hours before I admitted defeat and went home. I'm so dissapointed with myself. Why can't I just be normal. My job requires me to speak on the phone a lot and I think that's what made it worse. Not to mention the stairs I have to climb to get to work, which really hurt my lungs. I feel like a useless waste of space.

I just want my old life back!

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You poor thing, you are very having a very bad time

I really do hope you start feeling better soon

I know it is difficult but try to a stay positive


Hi wss

I know how you feel! I really want to work but everytime i try i last two weeks and then end up in resus i have not learnt to accept that my medical team are right i am not designed to work at all. My body just cannot do it.

Why dont you try and find a hobby to do?

Or you can pm me.

I am just sat watching spring watch! You did really well managing three hours well done count it as an achievement! You also did well managing the stairs! Well done!



aaww dont be to hard on your self,

welldone for giving it a go,

I only work part time 1.30 hours a day

and thats enough as got other probs also.

keep your chin up and try stay positive ,

love Glynis xxx


Hi well done for trying, I'm still in the denial stage of dragging myself and portable neb with me to work. Got neb 4 hourly so will be doing a darth vader stint. I find it frustrating being at work as everyone sees you as fit and well and puts pressure on to do more, even my Hubby forgets I'm ill while I'm struggling around home too. You are doing the best you can and this is the most awful condition. I'm deaf and it's seen as an invisible disability but so is asthma. Talking really doesn't help when you are struggling to breath. The way I get through my day is to set small goals and try and do each one, sometimes I fail miserably but I'm trying. I'm getting to the ""sod it"" stage. I'm doing more stuff I like so watching my favourite films, photography and on here. Try to do something positive each day, it will help.

Take care and hope your health improves soon



Cheers everyone. My doctor told me off for going in and said If I was to go in it would be theraputic work only (whatever that means...) so... new telling off.... oh and to top it all went to have the inevitable smear and I have a massive thrush infection from the pred so it was a no go!

I think I might try and have a few days without worrying this weekend. It always helps to lift my spirits!


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