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welding causing asthma


I have asthma and seems to get worse everytime i weld at work this is all i know how to do workwise

but is getting me down feeling unnwell with blocked nose, bad chest, and lack of sleep a lot of the time,would a doctor sign a form to say that i couldn't do welding anymore ?

Whilst i retrain at something else as it is having a adverse affect on my personnel life aswell.

thanks for any replies or info.

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welding fumes are covered by the HSE, and you should be wearing proper masks. I only do odd bits, and luckily don't suffer, but think all day would pose a real problem. Welding Galvanized steel is out of the question for anyone, but apart from the mask really dont have a solution apart from well ventilated area, any possibility of using a fan to blow the fumes away from you, take it you're in a workshop.


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