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Sound Familiar ?


i am suffering REALLY bad with my asthma recently.

And the doctors are baffled, they have no idea what it is!

so i was just wondering, do you have any familiar symptoms ?

there are:

constant tightening feeling,

incredeablely bad pains in my left lower lung.

the feeling that someone is sitting on my chest ( i call him derek) squishing my lungs.

just running up and down the stairs.

weakness, collapsed a few times.

i only wheeze when my asthmas bad, not when derek sits on me that makes me feel out of breath and can't catch my breath still difficult to breath thoo.

is anyone suffering with anything similar?

please help :(

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hi meg,

I have them also.

Best see your doctor as could have a chest infection etc.

keep going the docs until youve settled down a bit or

AnE IF get realy bad,

love glynis x


Okay, thank you.

the only thing is 1. my mum is absoloutely hell-bent on not taking me to hospital after everything you go through there and they don't really do anything apart from nebulise me

2. i get chest infections ALOT like 5 a year but it doesn't feel like a chest infectoin, slightly different but worse in a way x


Hi Megg, yep have the same problems but I only wheeze when asthma is mild which it hasn't been since February. My hubby is reluctant to take me into hospital as he says they haven't got a clue (well that's the polite version anyway!!)It's frustrating and really scary as there are times I just can't breath properly, thank goodness we have a nebuliser at home, only thing extra is the oxygen which really helps.

hope you feel better soon

Kate x



That's the same for me, ionly wheeze when i get it mild, but i don't have a neb at home or anything like that, just ventoiln and i have to make do, even though i doesn't really help x


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