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smelly chest infections >:(

hi everyone.

i get chest infections alot.

around 4-10 times a year.

is this normal? i know asthmatics are more likely to get chest infections, but is this normal? or too often? it's probably me just being up tight, also how do you feel when you get one?

around 5 of my friends are asthmatic and they all feel different when they get a chest infection.

thanks, Megan x

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hi megg. unfortunately asthmatics can get a lot of chest infections, Do you take prednisolone, unfortunately this drug can lower your bodies defence against infections, so it can be common to take a chest infection whilst on or just after taking this medication.

When i take a chest infection i usually get a tight pain in my chest different from my asthma tightness, as it can be at a specific area on one side, the horrible temperature and feeling tired and no puff. sometimes a grotty cough. the worse thing is im usually really grumpy...... then my wife says im grumpy most days now


Hi Megg,

as you probably know when you have an asthma attack the aiways constrict and produce mucus. This stays in the airways and drains into the lungs and surprise surprise you end up with a chest infection. which means your asthma is'nt controlled properly, the gps need to help you get good control of your asthma and this will help prevent the chest infections.

When i have a chest infection i get a ache around my ribs,like they're going to burst. The pain also goes up my spine and again feels like its breaking, my lungs feel very full and heavy .Also high temp and horrendous loose cough. But everyone experiences them differently, im not surprised you get up tight tho' it's worrying and painful as well.At one point i had a chest infection for about 5months.:(

Take care



hi Meg,

I keep getting chest infections one after another,

I dont have any signs only when it happens I can not breath well and have a wheeze.

Also constantly swallowing mucus that wont cough up.

At the moment been on antibiotics and pred every other week for last 2 months and

wears me out.

love Glynis xxx


thank you :))

i feel one coming on :((

which doesn't help since i have jsut escaped from hospital due to a number of asthma attacks, but they didn't give me any meds, well my atacks were around a month ago, but i haven't recovered yet.


megan. xx


HI Megg,

rest up when you can it will take a while get over them.

keep an eye on this one and get to your docs asp if start to have problems xxxx


i'll start wednesday, going to london tomorrow :))

and we're mid-changing doctors right now.

because mine didn't have a clue/ give a monkeys about my asthma.

they nevr know what's wrong and just guve me steroids :/

xx megg xx


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