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just a little update really :)

so, for the last couple of months i have not been good, and then last week it all escalated, badly.

i thought i had a cold at first, runny nose, bad cough, feeling generally ill, but i just carriedon gettin worse, i was coughing up lots of phlem, my lungs were sore from all the coughing up and sowas my throat, so mum took me to the docs, she said i have a bad chest infection so out come the amoxicilin and pred. fine. 5 days later, like no imporvment, if anything i'm worse :/

so i wet back, still got a chest infection, so i'm on stronger anti-biotics, but i start back at school tomorrow, and i'm like really poorly, and slightly worried :/ xxx

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hi Megg,

I start back work also and bad on pred.

take your time and make sure you have your meds and contact details

if you need to go home.

Hope the strong meds sort you out but can give you the runs so just be

prepared for any unusual tummy cramps.

hope all goes well.

keep me posted how your first day goes ,love Glynis xxxx


thanks glynis, will do :) xx


school didn't go to well, had like a really bad turn today, now i can't walk up the stairs without needing a few puffs, can't stop coughing, i'm feeling so weak, my lungs and ribs are soar from it all and i'm constantly breathless and lacking sleep, getting bad chest pains and wheezing lots.

isn't really going too well :/ how was your first day back at work?




hi,sorry to here your not well and had a bad day xxx

work was fine and course first thing.

health and safety stuff and fire prosedure up date as a 2 story building,

still on steroids for 2 days then hope will feel better for a few days xxxxx


good good, hope it works for you!

i really can't shift my nasty chest infection!

meg x


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