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What else can i do??

Hiyaa everyone.

This year has been one of those * how can i put what hell i've been through into words* kinda year

January-severe chest infection


March-began to throw up everthing i ate

April-started to faint due to lack of oxugen getting to my head

May-chest pains started and so did the asthma attacks, which resulted in A&E

June-3 admissions, 1 by ambulance, 1 through A&E, 1 reffered, 2 were asthma attacks late at nght, just an over-night the other was for 10 days beacuse i couldn't keep anything down, had an NG tube.

July-Lung/chest pains got alot worse, collapsing.

i have been everywhere: GP, A&E, hospital specialists, nurses, asthma nurse, phyiatrists, physio

but the person that seemed to be most helpful was my asthma nurse but she's not alays avaliable when i need her, like at night, but apart from her, no-one hs really helped and now, i don't know who to turn to now, plese help, i'm really stuck xx


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