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What else can i do??

Hiyaa everyone.

This year has been one of those * how can i put what hell i've been through into words* kinda year

January-severe chest infection


March-began to throw up everthing i ate

April-started to faint due to lack of oxugen getting to my head

May-chest pains started and so did the asthma attacks, which resulted in A&E

June-3 admissions, 1 by ambulance, 1 through A&E, 1 reffered, 2 were asthma attacks late at nght, just an over-night the other was for 10 days beacuse i couldn't keep anything down, had an NG tube.

July-Lung/chest pains got alot worse, collapsing.

i have been everywhere: GP, A&E, hospital specialists, nurses, asthma nurse, phyiatrists, physio

but the person that seemed to be most helpful was my asthma nurse but she's not alays avaliable when i need her, like at night, but apart from her, no-one hs really helped and now, i don't know who to turn to now, plese help, i'm really stuck xx

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Help Needed!

There is a help line for you to ring and speak to nurses who are so helpful. Also, keep posting on here as lots of people will help by making suggestions. Also there is an NHS helpline.

Hope you are feeling a bit better today and things start to improve for you = take care.


what else can i do?

I use the helpline, auk blogs, I speak to my asthma nurses, phone my gp and when necessary go to hospital when i need too.In the last 8 weeks had 9 asthma attacks and it is frustating because they don't occur in the 9-5 period very often. Last year 15 admissions and it can be annoying. I really get encouraged going on this forum as everyone shares their experiences and it helps me realise ur not alone. I do hope ur getting sorted now, take care gill


oh thank you :) it helps when it's coming from someone who knows how i feel and where i'm coming form xx


there is absoloutely nothing elsei can do, i've taken co-codimal, inhalers, paracetomol, the lot. Just have to grit my teeth and get on with it, i was in so much pain, i was begging my mum to do something, but she's absoloutely hell-bent on not going to a&e i don't want to go, but there's times when my body just can't cope with the pain, and just feels like giving up, it's not she doesn't want to take me or anything, it's just the lack of attention and care they actually give for this pain is pretty rubbish, and as far as my breathing goes, they just put me on a neb and leave me for about an hour until they realise, it's empty. so i can understand her not wanting t go back there, but somtimes i feel that it is the right place to be if you know what i mean.

megg x


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