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new and confusing inhaler :/

has anyone used the dry powder inhaler before?

it's not the normal dry powder one, the spinhaler.

it's called like the cyclohaler, it's dry powder, and it's like a tube with a box type thing on the end and it uses capsules which you have to burst by pressing this leaver thing, it's really confusing, it's on google images, has anyone used it before?

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Was put on one by the doc,but the nurse swoped it for more up to

date one so the capsules were in the inhaler and you just had to click it to next one xxx


Oh my that inhaler look very fiddly. I would go back and tell the doctor you are not getting on with this inhaler so could you try a different one. My son is on one called clickhaler (can be found on google images) and it is so amazing but I must say that if the push button is pushed lightly even though it doesn't click so you can take the powder it does move the number indicator a little bit or you can get a salbutamol accuhaler (can also be found in google images) which is also a dry powder which is also a lovely inhaler and very easy to use. My son has the accuhaler for his Serevent and he has learning difficulties and finds this inhaler easy to use and loves his new found independants

Hope this info helps you and goodluck gettign a different inhaler but the doctor shouldn't refuse as there are loads of different inhalers out there that are availabel to try as it is trial and error to find the right inhaler for each individual


alrightie, thanks for that, will find out ;) xx


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