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Prescription Charge Exemption and Students


I had a letter of entitlement (or should I say non-entitlement) this weekend from the NHS business service people saying im not entitled to free prescriptions despite being on low income ( poor student here)... Though it looks as if my rent/ housing costs (as written on the form) haven't been included... this is more of a post to ask anybody in the same situation as me if they could look at their certificates/ letters and let me know if their housing costs have been included as outgoings (needs) on the form as i'm a little confused (and stressed!).

Many Thanks

Em xx

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1. General Enquiries about prescriptions charges Tel Freephone 0800-9177711

2. Enquiries about Low Income Exemption

Health Benefits Division Tel 0191-203-5555

3. Internet Web Site

hope this will help you


Thank you for pointing those numbers out to me, but that wasn't really what I was after - I was looking more for people in the same situation to use as a comparison before I spend time and money chasing something that may be pointless chasing. (I realise it's a freephone number but my mobile operator charges the normal rate aka 25p/minute).




Not sure what forms you've filled in etc but I filled out and returned an HC1 form - I now have a HC2 certificate entitling me to free prescriptions, dental care, eye tests etc. Is this what you applied for?

Feel free to PM me or FB me if you like :)


Back when I had my HC2 I just got awarded it after they processed the HC1 form there was no breakdown of why I'd got it and what they'd taken into account. You could try going down to your student union for some advice, they normally have lots of experience in applying for various financial support and if nothing else they might have a landline you can use so that the number is free to call.


yes i am also on a hc2 and they never ask me to show it when collect meds, and if anyone is on income related benfits they get it free


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