Asthma UK Brownie badges

I was just wondering if anybody knew if AUK still do the brownie badges (gained by learning more about asthma) They're purple and have an inhaler on the front... and if so how I would go about getting one?


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  • Aren't you a little outside the brownies age range emma? Lol! If you have a look at the guiding website you might be able to buy one from there - failing that getting to know a local brown owl might help you.


  • Hi emma, i would say asking around brownie units as they may have a few spare. I will have an ask around too and let you know. I am not sure they are made anymore.


  • Yep and i think rainbows and guides can also get it. The guiding website had a downlaoadble pack and on the last page it says how to get it

    Basically each person has to raise a minimum of £2 for AUK then you send of the total cheque and number of people who completed it to an adress and they send you the badges.


  • i may have some spare- are you involved in Guiding(sorry i forget who is/isnt?)

    My brownies spent a number of meetings learning about asthma its meds and what do do in an attack as well as asponsored silence to earn thei Changing the World badge and then they got the badge fromAUK once we registered our activities and how much we had raised.

  • I want one now!! :)

  • I've finally got around to sorting badges for my fire blanket, that's why I want one... think I meet the criteria on asthma knowledge ...

  • i will have a look in my badge box for any spares next week (sorry i forgot tonight)

    Me you will be 1st in line and then Cathbear i will let u have 1 if i have it as i think u deserve it for all the hard work u do for KA xxx

  • Are there any for cubs and scouts? my Son has been to hell and back with his asthma and this would be something positive to come out of it.



  • Oooooh Hops thank you :D

  • Oooooh Hops thank you :D

  • Rattles- this badge was a limited edition badge done by Guiding UK as part of their Change the World initiative - Basically the girls had to do various activities and (teaching) sessions to learn about asthma and what to do in an attack as well as raise funds for AUK. My brownie pack raised just under 500 pounds by doing a sponsored silence.

    Personally i think all children should be taught from a young age about asthma/diabetes and epilepsy as they are likely to come across these illnesses during their time at school.

    As far as i know Scouting dont have any badges like this and asthma is skimmed across in first aid but you could always speak to the cub leader as some packs have special awards for kids who have battles to fight.

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