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Short Hospital Stay - NOT

So it goes like this.

Bad chest infection starts on 9th May. Peak flow drops from 100% to 30% in 24 hours.

Wife calls ambulance. Admitted to hospital Short stay unit (laughs) on 10th May.

IV Antibiotics, IV Magnessium, nebs every two hours, tweaking of my theophylline by increasing the dose and 10 days later get discharged from hospital last Friday with peak flow at 65% of usual and still feeling not well.

Back at docs today to get assessed and get a carrier bag of medication. Hospital threw all my meds out as I had been in so long. Had to wait 4 hours after discharge to get enough medication to see me over weekend.

Back for bloods tomorrow to check theophylline level is ok as antibiotics increased my blood levels. Peak flow still slowly coming up. Still on 50mg Pred.

Got some Quinine Sulphate today for the funky chicken caused by all the asthma meds.

On the whole, on the mend, but my stays in hospital seem to be getting longer!!

Outlook not good.

Last thing. Registered my mobile with the 999 SMS service today as my wife had to ring for the ambulance from her work as I was unable to talk.

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Massively irritating when that happens. Last time I was admitted, they said they'd keep me in overnight, and I ended up staying for over a week! Definitely a good idea with the SMS 999 thing. Really, really handy.

Hope you're on the mend!


Hope you feel better soon!


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