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Nag Nag Nag !!!

Well I can honestly say Ive never met such a bunch of naggers! - (taken in jest I hope!)

but certain people will know exactly who this is amied at lol

(although I do think your all wonderful and caring too!!)

Im getting it from all angles, and you put my wife to shame as boy I used to think she could nag for england !!!, and yes at home everyone is laughing at the large bump & cut on my head -lol

But you will be pleased to know I slept for 3hs and my mother-in-law is making me a roast dinner, yummy - after which I will head back to the hossie to see my beloved (and no doubt get grief from the staff their too!) - BUT I am only staying a short while before back home for more sleep!

Take care all


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It's all done in the best POSSIBLE taste :D

Glad your family are also all on the case. Take care - hope Andrea is still improving.

Maybe now you will eat and sleep regularly? Or we will have Andrea to answer to when she's better!


You seem to be in the wars at the mo, i hope you didnt suffer any probs with bang on the head.I hope you enjoyed your roast meal, it tastes much better than sandwiches etc. We all have your well being at heart lol, thats why we nag you. Also not only are the staff going to nag you i bet snowys parents are too. Im sure snowys going to tell you off for not looking after yourself when she gets better, but at least your getting some rest. It is very difficult when your loved one is ill cos naturally your going to worry about them and want to be with them.

Its nice to hear your ok, love to you all


I think Snowy will wake up just to 'nag' to make sure your eating. Women eeh. Glad your in laws are feeding u.



We're just filling in until Snowy can nag you in person:)

Hope you enjoyed your roast and that Snowy is still stable.



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