This could be quite upsetting so pls dont read if you dont want to but this is from Snowys son

Lewis asked me to put this on here, I was not sure, but then I decided that it was good that he wants to say how he feels, so I have done as he asked and I have copied it word for word.

Please god, please make my mum better, she means more to me than anything else in my life, im real sad that shes ill again and I cant help her..

I can hold her hand but she does not know I am there...

I can kiss her but she cant sense me....

I can hug her but she cant feel me...

I can talk to her but she cant hear me....

I can smell her and she smells the same...

I can see shes still Mum but in a way shes not...

Mum I love you and I will do anything to get you back, please please please can everyone say a prayer for her, please pray to get my mum back



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  • Bless,

    Sorry to hear about your mum Lewis, everyone is praying and sending you all love and hugs. You are a very brave boy and im sure your mum is very proud of you.Thankyou for sharing your thoughts with us, keep talking too your mum she may not be able to respond but she can hear and knows your there which is important at this time. You may feel you cant help her but just by doing this you are helping her more than you realise, she probably scared as well so you can comfort her too. Your mum is a fighter and will back she just needs to rest at the moment.

    healing and love to you all, My thoughts are with you.

  • Lewis.

    My hopes and prayers are with you and your mum. Be brave and strong and keep talking to her.


  • Dear Lewis, Your mum knows you are holding her hand, talking to her and that you are there. We are all thinking of you and praying for her recovery. xxx

  • Lewis you are a brave and wonderful son. Keep talking to her as, believe me, she'll be able to hear you.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers. Thinking of you all at this horrendous time. Xxxx

  • Dear Lewis, you are such a brave young man whose mum must be very proud of. Hold her hand and tell her all your news with air cadets and school. Stay strong and positive to help her fight this. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. Take care Cadet Lewis.

  • She can hear you Lewis. We're all thinking of you all and praying as hard as we can.

    Much love


  • Dear Lewis,

    Even when I was ventilated and couldn't communicate with anyone, I still knew that people were with me, and I could feel them holding my hands and feel their love surrounding me. I'm' sure that your presence is a huge support for your mother, even though it must be so difficult for you to have to see her like this. You are extremely courageous, and I am sure that your parents are enormously proud of you.

    I am praying for your mother (and for you and your dad) with every ounce fo energy I have.

    Sending so much love to all of you.


  • Lewis, that's wonderfully put and don't ever give up hope, things may be tough right now, but you have to go through the tough times to realise and appreciate the good in life, this will make you a stronger, more compassionate person, but keep fighting and believing, your mum will pull through and she can hear and know you're with her.

    Thoughts and Prayers with you both.


  • lewis

    i am constantly praying for you sweetheart that mammy will be okay. as you know ur mummy is a fighter so she WILL get through this, she just needs time and extra beauty sleep ;)

    she does know ur there and she knows that all her family love her dearly i promise you son.

    keep strong, keep focusing on the positives and keep your family around you.

    take each day at a time, i know its hard but mummy will be home in time, maybe not this week, but maybe next week when she has nad time to heal - she soon be shouting at you to clean your room and doing your hair PROPERLY and she's always saying to me how proud she is of you in cadet uniform :)

    keep strong lewis. thinking and praying for you and daddy x x x

  • Dear Lewis

    I will say a prayer for your mum to get better soon you just keep telling her how much you love her and im sure she can sense your love and your kisses all of asthma uk are thinking of you hunny and the rest of your family sending a big hug to you take care loads of love and hugs



  • Thankyou

    I have just come home to see the family for an hour

    I have read all your replies and read them out to Lewis, he just cried (and thats not overaly cool for a 13 year old to do!) he said he was amazed that people he didnt know to show such love, I think it has helped him enormously..

    Thanks again everyone


  • Dear Lewis

    I was very touched by your prayer this morning and its ok to cry even for a cool 13year old. As everyone has said your mum still knows your there. And it is good to actually pray your prayer with her when you visit. When I was at church this morning taking the morning service I said a speacial prayer for you in my mind and will keep continue to pray for you all. If it is ok, can I add you and your mum and dad to our prayer list.

    Wishing God's healing blessing on your mum and strength for you all at this difficult time.

    Revd catherine

  • Dear Revd catherine

    Lewis said that was fine, and is ok with me too

    Thats very kind of you thankyou..


  • Thinking of you all and Lewis your words really touched my heart.Your mum will know your with her and feel all your love around her.Keep strong knowing shes fighting and getting the help and love to pull her through this and back to her loving family. All my love Glynis xxx

  • Lewis it doesnt matter if its not cool to cry, do it if it makes you feel better. Your all going through a very tough time. Your a very strong,courageous and loving son, thats more important than being cool. We cant be with you but we are there with you in spirit

    Lots of hugs and love to you and your family


  • please know that there are people out here caring for you through, thoughts, prayers and wishes. Crying is absolutely fine for everybody!

    Hold on it will get better.

  • Lewis what you have wrote is very touching, you say that you feel you cant help your mum, but you are helping her in many ways by continuing to be very brave and stong, and when you are visiting your mum you hold her hand and talk to her, she will know you are there and i am sure she will be very proud of you.

    All my thoughts and prayers are with your mum, you, your dad and all your family x

  • Hi Lewis, Thanks for sharing. Feel free to cry. Its life's way of dealing with big things sometimes. In our thoughts every day, are you, your mum and dad. As everyone says, keep on chatting. I did that with my dad. Even told him he was a bit of a footer sometimes and talked over some of the daft things he'd done.

    All best wishes, Lewis.


  • Lewis,

    Keep talking or writing down how you are feeling, it is better to get your feelings out than bottling them up. you are very brave. Praying for your mum.


  • Hi Lewis,

    Thinking of your mum - it must be such a hard time for all of you but as others have said she has you there and your dad and you both sound like you're doing an amazing job being there for her. Even if she can't talk to you I bet she's really proud that you passed your airmanship exam and will be passing out soon (If I've got the expression right...) - so impressive.

    Thinking of you all and hoping things get better very soon. xx

  • Hi Lewis

    You are so brave and crying is good for all, it is hard to feel like your doing anything to help but just being their at your mums side is more than enough. I am keeping your mum, dad and you in my prayers and will add you to the prayer book at my church as long as you don't mind.

  • Dear Lewis

    Your message shows very clearly how much you love your Mum and how hard you are trying to be brave while she is ill. Keep on talking to her and holding her hand because she may be able to hear you even if she can't respond to you.

    I know that she and your Dad are very proud that their son is loving and atriculate enough to write such a moving message, and then share it with a lot of people he doesn't know.

    Everyone here is sending loving thoughts to you, your Mum and your Dad to try to help support you while your Mum is ill.

    Much love



  • Lewis,

    I'm sending lots of positive thoughts towards your mum, you and your dad. Keep going, you're doing a great job.

  • big hugs lewis

    many hugs for you lewis

    and prayers for your mam

    geina x

  • Lewis you are an amazing person. your mummy is honoured to have you as a son. You keep talking and holding her hand, she will hear you and know you are there. It is fine scream shout and cry.

    You are all in my prayers. Chell.xx

  • Lewis you are an amazing young man your mum must be so proud of you. I am praying for your mum.

    Thinking of you and Alex.

    Clare Xx

  • Aw, that's fantastically written. Like Wishes and others have said, she knows you're all there and remember bits of what's going on. I know several people that have been in a similar situation and are fine now after a difficult time in hospital. They've said they remember some things and that people were around even if they couldn't answer.

    Maybe you could write a diary of what you've all been doing as she may want to catch up on what's been going on when she's better in a while.

    Thinking of you all and as my mum would say, light a candle to show it

  • Lewis buddy, i might be a couple of years older than you - but if you need a chat, get Alex to message me and i can give you my email address, sometimes its easier to talk to a complete stranger than someone you know.

    everyones story is different but we all have a story to tell, it may seem like the world is against you but i can assure you, its not.

    wishing you and your family all the best for the future

    Love and Hugs

    Steph xx

  • Lewis

    I'm sure your mum knows you love her and that she is so proud of you. You and your dad need each other now so keep talking to each other. I will be thinking of you all.

    Best Wishes


  • We are praying with you Lewis,

    Love gill and her praying friends/pastors

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