Lovely GP

went shopping this afternoon and was causing chaos at the till trying to buy some new garden furniture!, and who came up behind me saying ""I knew it would be you causing chaos"" by my GP, shes such a wonderful lady and had time for a chat, most I think wouldnt give you the time of day when met out of surgery...

Its just little things like that, that make people special


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  • i wish my gp was like that

  • It is really nice. I saw my old Gp out and about and gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheak.He was a lovely doc and retired now.When my eldest son was 2 weeks old he came out to see him and needed meds. my mum was with me. He said use my pen thermometer and said get your coat i will run you to the chemist in my car. My son is 24 now. Fantastic glynis xxx

  • can u send ur gp my way please :)


  • I had a great gp, he always had time to listen to how i was.

    Unfortunately, hes retired now. As its a medical centre with 5gps, if i cant manage to get an appointment with one of three who. are still there, i dont bother waiting to betold the other two can see me. I. just say ok & try to ring earlier the next day.


  • Yep, know what you mean, sometimes the personal touch or recognition makes a difference.

  • what makes it funny is my hubby came over with my son and was chatting away to her and when she left they both turned to me and said ""who was that?"" but they were talking like they knew her lol, I guess for me who sees her a lot I instantly knew who it was but never thought that the only time my hubby has ever seen her is when she has rang him as I have collapsed in the surgery and then I guess he's not really paying attention to anyone else!

    It is the nice touch, as she was behind me she could of quite easily just paid and left and I would never of known she was there, so yeh it makes you smile when people become humans!


  • I have a GP just like this one! Always stops to chat & asks about the family. Its so tempting to ask him something medical though! Actually if I did I dont think he'd mind at all! : )


  • My doc is great and really takes note of what you say and pushes for answers with consultants xxx

  • I saw my GP in town once, he came up and asked if everything was OK. It really helps with confidence when they are just as much of a friend than they are doctors

  • I think if my GP spotted me, he'd probably run the other way!! Still, he seems to know what he's doing when I'm not well or paranoid. In fact he copes with my paranoia very well.

  • TS - same here, my GP would run in opposite direction if he saw me outside the surgery (he's very nice actually but I suppose he can only take so much!)

  • MY new doc is so approachable but he doesnt look like a doctor but

    a ice cream man dont know why but he does but hes great xxxx

  • We got pretty good doctors where I live. I went once and he knew what was wrong with me before I even said anything which at the time was slightly spooky.

    Never liked doctors or nurses despite training alongside them (nout personal) but whoever I see at my practice, Ive never had a total meltdown through fear - they are all friendly which puts fears at ease. I always get the option of things too - Im not forced to take antibiotics etc, Im given the option which gives me back the control of my own life. I like the psychology they use!

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