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YAY Back from sunny Portugal & Costa de la Algarve :-)

Hi everyone

Just to let you know that I made it back in one piece !

Fab holiday, Fab Villa, Fab weather, Fab everything expept my trip to the villa clinic one day then an overnight on the main hosp a few nights later, have to say that I was Sooooo gratefull to the ins co having all the medical forms translated and faxed over as it saved a lot of time and confusion and they were fab,...... and beleive me if I could wake up in a UK costa with a georgous view over the marina watching the planes land I wouldnt mind going in half as much lol.

got message from cons yest tho saying he wants to see me tomorrow, guess the hops there has been in touch, no hiding from that one then ! oops

Now the unpacking urgghhh, maybe it can wait till tomorrow lol

Catch up soon!


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Let the men do the unpacking Snowy!

Hope seeing the cons goes ok - they're obviously keeping a close eye on you, you can't hide.


Glad you had a great and almost uneventful time. Sounds wonderful. :) I agree - get the men to unpack and do the laundry. :D Looks like medical notes travel faster from the Algarve than within the NHS!


Glad you all had a fab time ! Nice see you back xxx


So glad you had a good time, you all deserve it! Nice to have you back.


Glad you all enjoyed yourselves. Welcome home!


:-) so glad you were able to enjoy your holiday, take it easy now X


Glad to see you back on here. Not that Alex and Lewis weren't a delight, but good to see the queen back at head of table.

Best wishes on con appointment.



Really glad you all enjoyed the holiday. You take it easy now.



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