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Fed up and sorry!

Hi Guys

firstly sorry for not really being around, hugs and whatever is needed to all costafied!.

I just got over my nephew commiting suicide then my gran was taken very ill, followed very quickly by by grandad, and if its not visiting them in hosp then its being in it myself and its all got a bit much!

Just fed up of the sudden attacks, lived with them for a long long time but I guess we all go through periods of not being able to deal with it and times when we can, fed up with being in constant pain and my teenage kids getting me down.

Anyway moan over, hope you are all ok!

Love and Hugs


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Oh snowy im so sorry your having such a bad time of it, don't really know what to say (altho i went through a simliar story in 2005) and it does get to you for a while, still felt like i needed to say to you big hugs and thinking of you

take care now

kel xx


Hi Snowy,

I too had a year like that.

Thanks for sharing.

GrannyMo x


thanks :-)


Theres not many words that I could say to help deal with your pain so would just like to send to a great big (((((((hug))))))) take care hun xxxxxxxx


Hello Snowy,

Sending huggs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am so sorry you have had a rough time.





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