Hello... been a long time! & Im swapping one COSTA for another !

God is good to be back on here, Hi everyone and thanks so much for all the lovely messages etc, and for supporting Alex & lewis.

Its been a rollercoaster of a journey that I am now hoping has come to an end, just back from hosp and I AM GOING ON HOLIDAY .... YAYYYYYYY, alex has the discharge papers, fit to fly cert and cons letter and is faxing them to the holiday co & travel ins today. Cant quite believe it yet! But Portugal here we come

After 80 days in COSTA I am so glad to have something to look forward to, still dont know all that happened to me, and its hard at times trying to make it all sink in but I am getting there. but from Thur i am swapping COSTA De La NHS for COSTA DE LA ALGARVE ! lol

Cant wait to get back on here again tho when I get back, missed you all so much xxxx

Thanks is one of those words that looks so small and feeble when its written, but its meant with HUGE emotions so THANKS EVERYONE !

Snowy xx

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  • Have a lovely holiday - you all deserve it. Have been reading anxiously for a while and when I couldn't log on for a few days last week was worried, but the news is brilliant that you are home. Take care


  • Hope you all have a fantastic holiday!!

    You all 100% deserve it...go room in your suitcase for an extra one lol!!


  • Fantastic to see you back Snowy!!! Party time for Auk xxx

  • Its great to see you back and even better that you can all go on the well deserved holiday. I am slightly jealous sun, sea and sand just what the doctor ordered. Have a great time and see you on here when you get back x

  • So happy to know your back Snowy and going on holiday with Alex and Lewis. I just got out of Costa after 6 days can't imagine 80 days. Thank God I am home. You all have a great vacation.


  • It's so good to see you back, Snowy, and I'm SO pleased you'll be able to go on holiday. A bit of sunshine and relaxation is what you all need.


  • Welcome back Snowy! Have a wonderful holiday - you deserve it! xx

  • Hi snowy and welcome back, hope you all have a lovely hols. See you when you come back


  • FABULOUS news Snowy!! Go have an amazing holiday with your amazing husband and son. You all thoroughly deserve it.xxxx

  • yay! Welcome back, great to see you again. So glad it went well and you get to go on holiday - hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy the actual sun (at least you know you didn't miss the summer here while in the Costa del NHS).

  • fantastic news snowy, hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

  • I'm so happy for you all!

    #You're going where the sun shines brightly, you're going where the se-e-ea is blue# tum-te-tum

    Oh the relief we all feel that you've come through, it's inexpressible. We have been hanging on for Alex's bulletins & rooting for you to fight your way out of that hospital and get back to your beloved family.

    Have a fantabulous time, but rest lots! XXX

  • Hello Snowy and welcome back!

    Have a gorgeous, relaxing holiday! You, Alex and Lewis thoroughly deserve it. I look forward to 'seeing' you on here afterwards.

    Jac xxx

  • Nice to see you back on forum! Have a lovely hol.

  • Have a fab time, you all deserve it. We want to hear all about it when you get back.

    Love & holiday hugs S.Mama


  • So lovely to see have you back on here, have a wonderful holiday Xx

  • snowy is back !!!!


    long time no see on here, God help us - we in for it now ;) haha.

    welcome back my angel and enjoy costa de la algarve as u certainly deserve it sweetheart :)

    love ya hunnie x x x x

  • yes snowygirl you had better watch out now lol

  • snowy you were on your laptop very early this morning I notice - is the pred etc keeping you awake? you muss

  • snowy you were on your laptop very early this morning I notice - is the pred etc keeping you awake? try & sleep when you can my dear x

  • Brilliant news, I hope you all have a great holiday :)

  • Welcome home. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing holiday - you truely deserve it. :)

  • Hi Polly

    yes you were right, silly o'clock strikes again!

    I am resting though as much as I can, thanks for your concern xx

    Snowy xx

  • Snowy your back! Welcome home Snowy, we have missed you, am so pleased that you are home and able to go on holiday. Hope you have a lovely, relaxing family holiday, take really, really good care, love Lois xx

  • You're all out of synch after so long in hosp, it's going to take time to differentiate night from day snowy - you're kind of newborn! Just take it as it comes and enjoy each day, and all the teeny tiny pleasures of life that you rediscover after a long spell incarcerated

    plus you have a good excuse to leave all the holiday packing to your men :-) XXX

  • a newborn eh? thats quite a concept, hmmm not sure I want to re-learn all the stages of life, might skip a few and pick out the good ones only!

  • Hello Snowy,

    So glad you have Escaped Costa and off to the Algarve! Enjoy! You deserve a holiday!



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