Just felt like some company

Hi everyone,

Hope its ok to post this but feeling bit low after another sudden attack at the begining of last week, back home now and feeling sorry for myself, somedays I wish I could just wake up and not have this but hey I guess you all feel like that too, anyway just wondered if anyone was around as I needed a bit of company.

Hope everyone is doing ok too and hugss to those that are not.

Take care


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  • Hi Snowy sorry to hear about your attack. I am around alot as i am in hospital and have no tv, so if u are lonley and want to chat feel free to pm me. Takecare Sadwheezer

  • i'm around too and in hospital too, also feeling quite fed up. i ws supposed to be at the theatre tonight seeing Cats, but cons didn't think i'm well enough for trip out. feeling miserable and sorry for myself tonight. also, my patientline unit is making lots of dr who type noises, which is a little worrying.

  • hi you guys - i just wanted to say hi to you - sorry you are all feeling low - life's a female dog eh?! cant think of anything to say that will help, only your not alone and i bet theres loads here that are thinking of you. big hugs to you all.


  • thanks

    Thanks guys for replying,,, its so nice to know that your not alone with all this even if in reality you are but it makes a huge difference to how you feel when you know someone else is there with you.

    My family dont understand and only panic and become over protective when I get ill, I kind of see where they are at as they have to pick up the pieces and see the bits I dont (too busy trying to stay alive!) but I wish sometimes they would see it from my side too.

    Hope you both get better soon.

    Take care


  • how are you feeling today, snowy? i know how hard it is when those around you can't comprehend your illness and all you want is a bit of normality. As brittle asthmatics it can be easy to feel like you're the only person in the world like this, but that's where I've found AUK so helpful. We may be rarities in the scheme of asthmatics, but we can congregate here and know that we're not alone or freaks. it's tough, but there are others who go through what we do and who understand all the complexities of the disease of brittle asthma. take care and know that we're all here for you.


  • Snowy

    Sending you a huge hug from Kensington. My wishing-you-better-soon radar is up and operational. I hope it does it stuff for you quickly.



  • thanks everyone, feeling a bit better today after the firsts night sleep in ages which always helps!

    Hope eveyone else is ok on this very frosty morning xx

  • Hiya snowy glad you feeling i bit better they say the best medicine is sleep and some times it really does help doesnt it theres nowt worse than feeling ill and tired on top of it take care xx

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