Big Up Your Chest facebook campaign

Hello to everyone on the forum!

I'm the Youth Engagement Officer at Asthma UK and I wanted to take the opportunity to point out our new Facebook campaign aimed at 16-25 year olds and ask you to help us spread the word by liking the page, commenting on the wall and sharing it with your friends.

You can reach the page here:

We're very keen to make a sucess of the project and engage as many people as possible so we can to spread the word about asthma and reach out to a younger audience that have typically never even heard of Asthma UK before! This whole project has kindly been funded by Kodak and we really want them to fund more projects next year so your support of this campaign is integral to this.

If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions please post them here or email the team behind the campagin on

Thanks very much for your support in advance

Best wishes


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  • I've joined this on Facebook, but reading your description here it appears I'm an imposter!!! I fall outside of your age-range. :( Can I ask why you've limited it to 25? There's a lot of mature students at uni older than this and yet so many things (you're not alone - lots of uni societies only go to 25) put on a 25 restriction. Surely something this important should be aiming at ALL uni stduents?

  • Good point Ratty!

  • Im 25, but not a Uni student anymore. Would I be counted?

  • Im 25, but not a Uni student anymore. Would I be counted?

  • Im 25, but am not a uni student anymore. Would I be counted?

  • Im 25, but am not a uni student anymore. Would I be counted?

  • Hi guys,

    There is no age restriction to join the facebook page, don't think its possible to do that anyway. I meant that this is the age group that this particular campaign is targeted at. Please like away and spread the news!

    sorry for the confusion and have a good weekend :-)

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry for the late response - I thought I had replied on Friday evening but just checked and it seems to have disappeared...guess you can tell I'm new to the blog!

    There is no age restriction and certainly no limit as to who can like the Facebook page. I mentioned a specific age group because this particularcampaign is targeting 16-25 year olds but we know that we’ll also reach those younger and older too. I guess the best way of explaining the Big Up Your Chest identity is that its the next step up for children and young people who have outgrown the 'Kick Asthma' brand.

    Also as you’ll notice a lot of the messaging is about University which we thought was well timed for all those starting university but we’ll also be providing new information soon to reach those in employment or perhaps those not in either.

    I hope this is a bit clearer and apologies for the confusion. Please like away and spread the word!

    Thanks again for your support


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