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Hi, new to the board, but totally fed up with my asthma!


I just wanted to introduce myself, I am 24 and had asthma since I was young. Until a few years ago my asthma was well controlled and didnt need too much meds. However, during the last year things have got worse and I have been told that my asthma has become brittle. I have been seeing a resp consultant, who has been great at trying to explain things to me, but I still havent got the asthma under control.

I've been on 40mg of pred for the last week, after my asthma getting bad, still not feeling too much better though. I have lost count of the amount of times this year i have had to have course of pred, probably about 10 times, and similar amount of A&E admissions.

I dont know anyone that has more difficult asthma and am finding it a bit lonely as I dont know anyone with similar experiences, so thought i might be able to get some support from this form.

Many thanks


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