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Good Doc!

After reading all the post abouts how Docs are always stumped when it comes to no wheeze. I thought i should let you all no, that there are some docs who are aware that we dont all wheeze!

Iv been struggling this last week with a chest infection, tight chest, pf bout 140 etc, but the dr i saw today was very good even though not surprisingly i wasnt wheezing! She gave me a neb there and because they wont give me a neb at home, i can phone the surgery anythime to get another 1! But luckily the 1st one worked with a great effect.

It was 1 of the few times I have come away from the docs not feeling stredded and annoyed at them!

Just thought it would make things look a bit brighter for some folk!


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I had a good Dr at the hospital today he looked at my medication and said I dont care if I step on cons toe's but you need help so changed meds a bit!


where do you live lindsaymloo? probably no where near me :P xx


it can be hit or miss here, but my GP knows me very well. He has just got to look at me when I'm not well and he will either neb me there and then or now get me to use my own neb.


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