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a place to stay

Hi to you all out there,

Hope al are doing ok and if not getting better very soon.

I have a Q to put out to you guys.

I have my date to go to the RBH and as it is at .930 am and no trains or buses run that early for me to get there i need to get there the day before.

Dose anybody know of a pace where i could stay near by the RBH.

Thank you for any kind of help.


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I would ring RBH outpatients or admissions and explain that you can't get there at half nine. I can't get there till 11 as i'm 2 hours away and can't afford the peak time train fare. They are always really understanding and either change my time or put a note next to my name explaining the earliest i can get there is half ten if the trains are on time.

If its for tests that have to be done first thing they have sometimes organised a bed the night before for me but that does depend on bed pressures.

They are a really helpful hospital if you ring and explain i'm sure they'll come up with a solution.


Hi Marmite

Thanks ,

I don't mind going own the day before it is just a 4-5 hr trip for me depending.

And with the lack of sleep that i have this days i rather get somekind of sleep before i see them.

The date came quite fast for me to see Prof Durham.

Hope he is as nice as i have been told.



Hi Kaz

I have stayed at the IBIS hotel at the side of Euston on many occassions. It costs about £90, but it feels safe for a woman on her own.

Good luck!



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