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Hi I have just recently joined. I have suffered from Asthma for a few years now and it is normally well controlled. However just had a chest infection which exacerbated my ashtma, had a couple of weeks of work and have now gone back. My symptons have cleared up but just very tired been working reduced hours for the past 2 weeks but still not up to working full time feeling really drained. Work are extremely supportive but I thought I would have been back to full time by now, just feeling really frustrated and a little down.

I have been reading all the messages and already have found out lots of useful information. Best Wishes Julie

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Hi Julie Ann

Welcome to AUK. Sorry to hear that you have been feeling low since your chest infection, but also delighted that you are on the mend. I first joined AUK when I got yet another chest infection and there is a wealth of useful information and fun comments on the site to help you and to lift your spirits.

Don't rush to get back to work, take you time and recover your health properly - that the voice of experience as I tend to rush back into everything too quickly!

Take care



Hi there, thanks very much for your reply I think that is possibly my mistake trying to get back too quickly and expecting too much to soon. think I probably need to learn to be more patience. The site is really good already I have picked up some useful info looking through and also impressed how supportive all the members seem to be.

thanks again


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