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Hi everyone, i started wheezing last september, did the spirometer no sign of nasties told could be borederline asthmatic, was given inhaler,had chest x-ray came back fine, had chest infection given antibiotics, cleared up, 2 days after finished tabs started wheezing again, getting worse, had app with ear/nose and throat. did the camera down the nose, inflammed gave me nasal spary,this is now xmas eve, given more antibiotics for another chest infection. new year and i cant breath go back to docs told i am a mystery make app for blood test, 3 days later and i am on the floor no breath carrying the inhaler around with me makes no difference, go back to doc in tears cant do it anymore she gives me 3 days of steroids, steroid inhaler, take the tabs what a difference i can breath, still do the inhaler but wow i feel so much better i have 1 more day on the tabs and go to the nurse tomoro. why is it so hard to diagnose, i am 57. if it is asthma at least i know what it is. luv to you all julia

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Welcome Julia. Hope you go on ok at docs.Sorry your having problems.I was 43 when started with asthma and came out of the blue then 2 hospital stays. good luck,love Glynis x


Just wanted to say welcome Julia but so sorry you have been struggling. I was diagnosed as a teenager & am nearly forty now but my asthma has got much worse. Everyday now is a struggle. Thinking of you.





thanku so much for replying, lovely people out there, i am very nieve when it comes to asthma learning everyday, i didn't know you could be hit with it at a later stage in life, i have a grandson who has had it from a baby, i felt for him when he was bad but never realised what he was going thro untill now, boy what an eye opener, like a lot of things i suppose you don't know untill you experience it yourself, i am a non smoker now which obviously hasn't helped, stopped in sep last year and am very proud. i have blood test today what can be told from your blood? finished steroid tabs this morning, been on a bit of a high so funny, So sorry s.mamma you are struggling, my thoughts are with you, hope you feel better soon, is this a particularly bad winter this year, a lot of talk that asthma sufferes have it bad this year? Hi glynis sorry you have been in hospital, i dread that don't do hospitals very well (panic attacks) hope you well soon, xx


Hi Julia,

I'm new to the site too. I have enjoyed reading your posted I sense you have a fabulous sense of humour. :D Congratulations on the non-smoking. I have been packed up 6 weeks feeling quite proud of myself too! Not a patch on your achievment though. Asthma is a funny thing it always throws something else at you I think we are always learning with it and never stop! Hope you stay well take care Emma xxx


hi julia , i'm 51 and was told that i have asthma last sept after a reaily bad chest infection like you i'm a ex-smoker (five years since i have smoked) but i only smoked for ten years before that . i'm reaily shocked to be told i have asthma ,my sisters baby boys have asthma and like a lot of people i thought it only happened when you were young but looking on this site there seems to be a lot of older people getting it , my husband has said that he thinks that i have had asthma since we have been together and before. i have the purple inhaler and just the blue one now , i feel so much better with them now but i have had another chest infection and flu since 28th dec and have not been back to work since then , i'm due back tomorrow doctor did blood tests while i have been off and now discovered gallstones so i have to go back on the 20th to see about them , work will not like this they are being reaily funny with me i have had to go to the company nurse since last sept and co workers are being funny with me , they tell me the reason why i cannot breathe is that i'm unfit ?? i think they think i am making this up only one of my co workers has stuck up for me as her daughter has asthma, sorry to go on but i don't think people /work places understand still. kim


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