Daily pollen forecast

Daily tree pollen forecasts have started on the Zirtek website! Hopefully it's okay to post the link (AUK T&C advertising?) as it looks quite useful. The forecasts are for use by the general public and not for reproduction for other media, websites or commercial outlets.



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  • Thanks for this Ginny I have horrid hayfever and I have had to start my treatment already for my hayfever. Hayfever is just as bad asthma or at least it is for me. I only get about 3 months free of hayfever and I have to take nasel spray's, eye drops and congestion tablets when it is at the peak of hayfever session

  • i like metcheck, you enter your postcode for a more local forecast


  • Anyone in or around London and has a twitter account try this 'pollen_london'

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