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Im new to this asthma thing I even keep spelling it wrong, I have just read a report by a David L. Hahn. MD. MS that says 50% of asthma is curable and is caused by a lung infection by Chlamydia pneumoniae (Cp). Is there any truth to this and has any research been done in this country? The reason I ask is that on a number of occasions during some sneezing bouts Ive sneezed up some rather smelly whitish lumps which I think would be some sort of bacteria. (could just be old food). Will some of the more experienced cure serchers let me know if there is any truth in the report or if it is just American horse manure.

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'Tis rubbish, I'm afraid. And do you mean sneezing or coughing, 'cos I don't think the act of sneezing involves your lungs.


to peaksteve. By rubbish do you mean you think its rubbish or you have read a report with evidence to oppose the report.

Oh and where does all that air come from when I sneeze with such power expelling all sorts of junk, I thought it might be my lungs.


Sneezing is an upper airways thang - you can sneeze without expelling much in the way of air at all, depending on how you sneeze. Bacteria are so tiny that there's no way you'd be able to see them without a microscope; the white lumps are simply likely to be mucus, unless you had food in your mouth at the moment you sneezed, in which case they could be food entrained into the nose at the moment of sneezing.

My gut feeling is that if 50% of asthma could be cured by eradicating chlamydia, then we'd be dosing every single asthmatic with azithromycin or doxycycline in the hope that it'd cure them. The fact that this isn't even hinted at in current medical practice probably speaks for itself.


White Lumps = white snot! Snot contains all sorts of bugs - it is the body's way of getting rid of unwanted things. It captures it and ... expels it!

Not heard of the chlamydia pneumoniae (Cp) being reponsible for causing asthma.

Asthma is caused by the body / imune system reacting to things etc eg allergens, cold, bugs, excersise etc.

If a genuine cure ever pops up AUK will be the first to broadcast it me thinks!

There is a lot of crank stuff out there in the big wide WWW - surf safe!



Excellent responses, Cath and Kate.

By ""rubbish"", I meant ""I know that it's rubbish"". I don't need to see a report that opposes the one you've read; I'm married to a doctor with asthma, and if there was a cure I think she'd have tried it!


You lot certainly tell it straight, I'm enjoying this forum already. O.K more stuff of the net, what about vit D3 is all the stuff written about that rubbish as well because I would love to stop drinking cod liver oil to combat the effects of steroids? Peaksteve, sorry for being sarky, I sensed a bit of anoyance in your reply.


No, not annoyed - just wondering about your sneezing!


i think their having us on

hi grovy chick here i think that is a load of cos wollap as if there was a cure for asthma don`t you think they would have found it. as it happens it looks like once were an asthmatic were stuck with it ive had asthma since about the age of 2 i think that is what my mum and dad told me and i am 30 this year and yep u guessed it still stuck with asthma. and dont belive what you read it isnt always true. if their was a cure don`t you think there was.and heres me with the symtoms already and its awfull but hey live life what you throw at it and still lol and los and still have fun.from groovy chick


On posting by traveler 17.1.2008

As noted some forms asthma are cured with makrolide antibiotics..

Dr. David Hahn in Wisconsin starting in 1996 cure asthma due to Chlamydia pneumoniae using Azithromycin .

see for 66 clickable articles on asthma as an infectious disease.

Richard Friedel


In that case I can tell you unequivocally that its poppycock, since I have been prescribed macrolide antibiotics (the very one you mention) for a few years and it has done nothing for my asthma AT ALL. Reduced infection, but my asthma is as unstable as its ever been.

The cynic in me notes that Dr David Hahn is selling books on Amazon... the cynic in me also ignores the fact someone puts Dr in front of their name unless I see evidence that they are one. You can be who you like on the internet!

I go to a specialist heart and lung hospital, they are very up to date with research and have never told me they can cure my asthma with macrolides. Again, being a cynic, if it were the case, drug companies would be all over it like a rash haha!


To nursefurby

My story is that I was a moderately severe asthmatic till August 2012 but religiously kept off medication. I faired quite well over the years but then got pneumonia owing to using the ""Powerbreathe"" thingy and spent 1 week in a clinic. Possibly I got an antibiotic of the type used by Dr. David Hahn.

Anyway after this week in hospital the asthma was gone!

Dr. David Hahn's treatment is only said to work in 50% of the cases.

My clinic treatment was much shorter than the treatment time used by Dr. Hahn.

My abstinence as regards asthma medication might have played a part in my recovery. Any spraying might have had a bad effect on lung function.(anyody in the know here?). Of course anyone wanting to drop asthma medication would see his/her GP.

I guess saying the Dr. Hahn cure is tricky would be better than proclaiming it to be popycok, or have I lost my sense of humour?



Salt Therapy is excellent for asthma. It was recommended for me by one of my colleagues who had tried it for herself and found it really beneficial. I tried it to help with my Asthma (quite severe since I was a teenager) and by the end of the first session, I was feeling so much better and was able to breathe so much easier than before. It really was amazing. I was quite skeptical at first but honestly would recommend the therapy to anyone with any respiratory illnesses. It was explained to me that it prevents inflammation of your airways...and brings up mucus (which people don't realize they have a lot of if they suffer from asthma, apparently) and I can honestly say that it has benefited me so much that it has changed my daily life. I can walk further without getting out of breath, I can exercise effectively and my chest doesn't feel so tight like it usually does. I visited the cave in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, but they have other locations. I really recommend the therapy for asthma. Plus the first session is free so you have nothing to lose! Hope that this helps :)


To ajs17688, A bit of a pity you are not able to reply on the subject..

For some more research on infectious severe asthma see ""Anti-fungal medication may benefit patients with severe asthma"" from Manchester University., Professor David Denning, F.R.C.P., F.R.C.Path.,

Cheers RF


For further information on asthma as an infectious disease see Maureen's blog on infectiousasthma.blogspot.d... stretching from 2007 till 2014. I found it a mine of information. It is relatively easy to communicate with his department in Wisconsin, Phone 0016082606002

There are 173 comments in the blog.

Maureen writes:

I am not a healthcare provider. I was very lucky to have found Dr. Hahn's research after suffering with asthma for 33 years. He treated me more than four years ago, and I've been asthma and asthma-med free since that time. This blog is my way of sharing information so that others might also benefit from the research being done linking asthma in some people, to bacteria.



I'm doing a test right now with my see If I have the bacteria...I know my sputum has been yellowish for a long time now.


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