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asthma = feeling depressed

don't you find when you on a real bad patch it makes you feel real crappy. I have bad asthma and when i get a bad patch it can have me in and out of hospital for 2 to 3 weeks. i find it really holds me back. I wanna go off to uni and study paramedic science but how can i save other peoples lives if I cant breath myself. I struggled through college as the stress put me in hosp alot and i fell behind and then because I was behind i got more stressed.I was one big nightmarish scared I may never get it under control and will end up a nobody with a crappy job that i hate and pays crap.because im the only one in my family with asthma it can also make me feel very alone as i often have to sit out of family events that i physically am unable to do. i can make me feel really isolated.

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hi I agree that having asthma can take a person down to rock bottom. I let asthma take over years back when I first started having symptoms and it cost me all my GCSE results! I guess I have let it take over again now.

In 28 now and just got over my second flare up of 2010 - but I've changed my attitude to asthma (but then thats not a good thing I've had been given bad advice by a former GP and make my Asthma deteriorate) i dont ever let asthma stop me from working. At the moment Asthma has taken over my social life but I am still working as usual. It does get me down when I have no energy to go out after work.

Your going to make an amazing paramedic because of all of this your dealing with - what ever happens, happens for a reason. Hang in there hope you feel better soon.


I too can totally understand where you are coming from, I think its been an esp rough start to the year for a lot of us due to the extreeme weather, I dont want to rock the boat but are you sure that you can be a paramedic as It was all I wanted to be but was told that with asthma I could not do it?



lil miss,

Im also the only one in my family and friend circles that have asthma.

Its a pain as dont get many good days.

Family think as long as you take your puffas you are ok.

They dont realy understand you get tired also and takes time

getting over an attack.

Thanks to AUK I have a new family of friends and glad to have them in my life xxx

Depression can come from meds for asthma but also from keeping you from

what you love doing or trips etc you have planned.

Hope you make alot of friends on here and you can add me also,

welcome pm me any time love Glynis xxx


Lil Miss I also think you will be amazing paramedic. The other week I had a paramedic out to my son and the paramedic was also asthmatic. He was amazing. He spent so much tim ewith my son talking to him about asthma and explaining that he is a really good lad as he carries an inhaler on him and that he should carry this on otherwise he will turn into him. He answered lots of my son's questions and explained why he was a bad asthmatic. He admitted he doesn't carry his blue inhaler on him. My son has 2 ambitions to life. 1 to become a famous rock guitarest like Axel Rudi Pell on eof his favorite rock guitarest and 2 to become a fire-man. My local fire-station has an open day were children can become a fire-person for a day and my son is going ot it. He has lots of questiosn and yes his first question he is going ot ask is Can you be a fire-man with asthma? I used ot be a nursery nurse until I had my youngest son and know I am a full-time mum and career of my children which is hard work and we never know what one day is going to bring and how well the children are going o be. Al lhave different medical issues and te lst is endlest and always seems to be getting a new issue added. I would first start of my getting more control over your asthma and then start workign towards your paramedic science degree. Bbay steps for know there are load of college courses you can go that will al go towards experience for the paramedics degree. Good lcuk and don't let the asthma stop you doing what you want. I want to become a neonatal nurse and once my youngest is in full-time school in a few yeras I will going to uni to get my peds nursing degree


i agree with glynis. i find taking about my problems here and having others to share such a big help.

however what i find annoying is that my doctors have given me medication which makes me depressed. read the labels of your medication to see if these are adding new symptoms.


You sound so much like my own daughter. For the many times she has broken down and cried about having a crappy life with a crappy job and her crappy back that goes into spasm and all I can do is bite my tongue and try not say, It'll be alright and give her a cuddle cos there is nothing really I can do about any of it. I can't even cuddle her if her back is in spasm.

I have crappy asthma days when all I want to do is slide down in the sofa and tell the world to stuff it.

Guess, its all the important bits in us, running around fixing whatever has a glitch eg back in spasm, asthma etc. and there's not enough bits left to keep the good feelings going. Sometimes just talking it out with someone at the other end of a laptop and who's been there helps.

Sending you a cosy virtual hug. ooo


I personally dont think asthma has anything to do with our moods, our moods are what make us feel the way we do. I do think you need to change how you think, if you think positively then things will go more positive. I have found that being thankful for the rain helps me so much as what would the world come to if we never had any rain. But thankful for times your asthma is bad because it means you can rest and have some chill out time and not be running around like a fool, you can get those silly little things done like filling photograph albums or clearing files on the computer. I know you dont want to miss socialising or working but when you have to it is your bodies way of saying hey what about me i need some down time i need to be able to work properly and i cannot when i am not fuctioning properly.

Go and see your GP and ask for an asthma review and get your action plan updated. Most of all listen to your body.



Don't give up! I had terrible asthma as a child - all my childhood spent in different hospitals. Come my teens I was well enough to attend school and apart from some bad lapses along the way I managed univ (when I was ill I just stayed in my room) and have had a career. I've had to have time off work with asthma over the years but I always got through. Now my son has severe asthma (but not as bad as I had it) and I get very upset about it. But I try to keep positive and you must too. Also, keep going back to your GP.


When ur asthma gets bad you start the dreaded prednisolone. Prednisolone can effect the mood either depression or mania. Plus the way you see your life shaping goals slipping away because of asthma again can cause depression. I hope you achieve your goals and get your asthma under control you will see a positive effect on your mood


wow i am totally in shock. i never expected so much feed back. i am truly grateful. thank you all so much. i am new to this site and up until now i had nobody to talk to that really understands, so thank you all soooooo much xxx


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