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long weekend in hospital

hello i havent posted a message before. i have been in hospital since wednesday and now feeling better but been told got to stay on iv aminophylline til monday. is there anybody out there who can cheer me up. or has any tips of how to pass the time. when the other patients in the 4 bed ward are 90yrs.

im 33yrs and have type 1 and 2 brittle asthma. my husband cut the grass which set off my asthma and thats how i ended up in hospital. its lunch time now so i will see what lovely food is slopped up today.

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poor you hope you are feeling better and can soon be up and about, hope food wasn't horrid and you kind of enjoyed it , xx


thankyou but still no food. i am allergic to milk and nuts so was not able to have what was brought. hoping that i can get a salad

Hi Seahorse ,

sorry your stuck in hossie!

Regarding food, do you see a dietitian? They should organise a suitable diet for you so that at least you can eat something - even if it is baked spuds & beans!

This should have been actioned on admision and at least by 24 hrs.

I assume you are on Patient line - there are some weird TV channels - I usually watcht the wacky police car chases late at night! LOL!

Though today there is Live earth on all day - I am sure the 90 yr olds wouldn't mind if you popped it on loud speaker LOL!

Another pass time is counting and estimating ceiling tiles & then the number of holes (if there are any) in each tile and thus the total number of holes in the ceiling in your bay.

Collect the paper medicine cups and build a pyramid!

Take care & try not to go crazy over the w/e!



Seahorse, I'm sorry you are having such a tough time. Last summer I endured a week of food I could not eat because of my allergies and ended up eating lettuce and cucumber every meal time! Eventually I begged them to make me some chips because I was starving hehe. Please ask to see a dietician, they should have one attached to the ward and they can definitely help!

Thank god for mums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 and canteens and tesco down the road?? thats whats getting me through my time in hosp?

Im lucky got no other patients to worry about as in a side room with own tele dvd player so passing time on laptop and watching all old dvds!!

Food is pants, at least i dont have allergies like you but am diabetic on insulin with poor appitite which dont mix!! mum bringing me nice salad and fresh buns yummmmmmm cant wait, till then its the trusty cup a soups?

I sympathise with you, i am better patient when im ill, when im getting beter like now im like a caged lion, i so want get up and go shop or cafe but can only just manage the loo!!

Hoping to have a nice bath or shower too when mum comes cant wait? small things hey!

Get well soon

Sending good vibes

Love Andrea xxx

Its nice to know im not alone. thanks to everybody for their ideas, its helped past the time. will soon be visiting time. have asked about seeing a dietician but nobody works at the weekend. have to get something sorted as seem to be having frequent admissions lately. had an intereting lunch of baked potatoe and carrots!

Everytime I'm in hospital I don'tget many visitors - so watch itv2 etc,chat to the nurses when there's any human ones on, and do loads of puzzles

Think should invent a channel with good stuff allday long as newt on tele today hey?

had me shower so nice and cleaned but done in now!! had nice chicken salad curtiousy of mum. Just pants can only visit once as am 25 miles from home its too much to go home and come back! so she gone home shopping without me :(

So left watching pants tv as watched all dvds now!

oh well, hope you had some visitors seahorse and something more edible for tea as its a longtime till breakfast.

love and beast wishes

Andrea xxxx

Thanks to everybody who helped make today pass more quickly. Think the nurses are wondering why i have been giggling to myself! Hope you all have a good wheeze free night.

So much for wheeze free night seahorse?? not for me anyway as can tell from time :(

Am sat nebbing, bored newt on tele? arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Why nights and weekneds so boring in hosp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea xx

Hope today is better was wishful thinking that would be wheeze free night. Was told to turn tele off at 1am and sleep, finally did sometime around 5am. Was woken at 5.45 to an early breakfast.

Have gone past being tired and in hyper mood.

hey seahorse...

hope u r feeling better. where abouts are u in captivity? hope u r digging ur escape tunnel soon. i'm currently in costa in derby where i've been for almost 3 weeks, and am waiting for a transfer to birmingham on monday if there is a bed available as unfortunately i'm proving a bit of a challenge.

staying amused in hospital can be a problem, but do try and keep ur chin up. posting on here is a good way of keeping in touch with like-minded people who understand. I always find the 1st bit of an admission is fine as i'm so sick I don't realise how time is passing, but is only later on that things get frustrating as I get better, and its a case of my body not allowing me to do things I want to! am currently reading the bookseller of kabul by asne seirstad, which is a good read.

anyway - hope u continue to improve and don't feel too bored. will be online again later.

ksd x

hey seahorse...(and apologies to anyone else not interested in this reply!)

thanks for the PM... would reply properly but for some reason the reply button missing! doh! been unable to reply to any PMs since being in hospital.

derby is really nice...but am somewhat biased given that I work here. how's gloucester?

xolair certainly has made a huge difference to me in terms of day to day symptoms... been on it 5 or 6 months now, and the 3 months prior to this admission have been awesome. am hoping this isjust a 'blip'.

I see ur a kayaker? what do u do? I like slalom, whitewater, polo and coaching, and do whatever my lungs let me these days. my asthma has only been a prob like this for the past couple of years so used to be able to do much more. am gutted actually, as meant to be headed off for 2 week whitewater kayaking trip in the french alps tomorrow, which now obviously isn't happening!

anyway - hope things continue to improve. will try to reply properly once not using internet over my mobile and hence have full screen with PM reply button!

I still recommend puzzle books - also the hospital chaplaincy visitors can prove entertaining


How are you today, have you survived the weekend and is the door in sight??



I have a few things that keep me as sane as is possible when cooped up with lots of old dears!

1) hosp tv/radio great to send you to sleep!

2)puzzle books

3)colouring in (kids books when v shaky to more intricate pattern books as improve)

4)my portable dvd and dvds brought in by visitors - a must for long stays

can also play cds on when radio is playing naff stuff!

5)cards - garaunteed to enage you with more sane old dears if you want to!

6)my friend borrows her kids nintendo ds!

7)Tacky mags - a necessity most definately is- take a break, chat, full house , thats life etc glossies are too depressing with skinny un pred affected people and lots of yummy recipes that add to your pred cravings that you cant fulfill!

8) tic tacs of various flavours- low cal muchies bananas are of course to avoid yucky sando k of course.

9)chatting up yummy medical staff is a laugh if you can string more than 2 words togther and they can undestand you through your mask!

10) if the worst comes to the worst ask the nurses for readinga mterials- sure thing to make you sleepy is a copy of nursing times(no offence to nurses meant)

11)feeding revels/maltesers/planets/tictacs/aero bubbles through the holes in your mask!

Hope this helps(you can tell where i have been for the last month!!

Wow glad to know im not the onli person hu feeds myself chocies ( love aero bubbles) through my mask, u can drink through a straw with it on too

I drew lots when i was last in hospital (not that the drawings were very good) but it gave me something to do

I also made like friendship bracelets out of peices of string

reading is always good too

Hello to everybody who helped me get through the 'long weekend'. Thanks for all the ideas and for making me laugh. I have been let home after lots of begging and generally anonying all medical staff. Hooray im free! Had lots of lectures and warnings that im still not well and should return if things get worse etc. Have got my last book keeping exam later today which was the main reason wanted to escape. Know its not the best idea but will see how things go. The tutor said will put a note on the exam paper to say im not well! My thoughts and best wishes to all who havent escaped yet.

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