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Kick Hoildays Ideas

I was looking at the Kick Asthma hoildays for children and generally looking for a hoilday for myself. After discovering that it was far to expensive for insurance. I got thinking asthma it adults can be hard. I find that I am able to realx fully when on hoilday etc. So i thought how about kick hoildays for adults (espically the young adults amost up). Rought ideas I though of for sessions

-relaxation techniques

-althernive theapries offered maybe

- Money matters (DLA etc.)

- healthy eating

-Maybe some of the outdoor persuits the kids do!

What i believe is important is having access to the medical team the same as the children. As a bit of a comfort blanket

What do you think? If there is enought support I was thinking of making a a plee to the asthma uk.

What other ideas have you got to inculde in the programme?

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Asthma UK have run adult holidays in the past, and found that the cost of organising and sufficiently staffing them with qualified health professionals is prohibitively high - certainly too high for Asthma UK to be able to run them at the moment.

However, most of the ideas you've come up with don't need a ""holiday"" environment, and could be covered by articles on the Asthma UK website. So, keep the ideas coming and we'll pass them on to the website team and see if they can do anything with them.


(moderator and AUK volunteer)


Hey bizkid

I attend pulmonary rehab classes and we get taught alot of the things you mention like relaxation techniques etc, we have a different speaker each week like dieticians, pharmacists. Maybe you could ask to attend your local rehab programme?

Although its not a holiday lol!



Hi, this is another suggestion, why dont people suggest holidays that people with asthma can go on.

I personally find going on Girlguiding UK Adult Leisure Breaks very good, because there is always a first aider there and you are generally in a guiding house and all the meals are catered for and they are extremeley good with allergies. You can also do activities like kids do if you chose the correct leisure break.

Another one i find works is going to stay with friends and point out you want a relaxing weekend in a different house and in a different area. I have done this with a few friends and this works well.



Hi there,

In the absence of educational holidays for adults, a number of the ideas you suggested as sessions have been covered in Asthma Magazine (which covers lifestyle issues for people with asthma as well as news on research etc), and more personalised advice on any areas of interest can always be sought from the Adviceline!

Elizabeth (Mag Editor)


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