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As some of you are aware I am on allot of steriods both inhaled and the dreaded oral prednislone... as a result I have put on allot of weight and currently look 4 months pregnant! I have the horrible strech marks as a result.... I have been using bio-oil plus vitamin E cream (the massive strenght stuff) but they aint going away they are very ugly and I hate them!!

Any magic potions that work to get rid of them? Or am I stuck with them!

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I dont know of any way to really get rid of them. I have loads of strech marks and really hate them. I ahve them overmy knees and I always wear shorts. I have tried all sorts of stuff to try and egt rid of strech marks but I ahve found nothing really works. Over time the redness from them goes away and you jsut have sort of silvery marks left but I still notice them. I think alot of the time you notice them more than other people do.

But I am now of the opinion I prefer taking the steriods and being able to breath rather than fighting to breathe allt he time and not taking the steriods. I hate the side effects but I prefer ebing able to breathe a bit better.


I have them awfully too!!! I've literally never had them before so it's come as a bit of a shock. Have either of you tried bio-oil and does it work? Also will they go down if the weight is lost?



I know the feeling. Stretch marks all over stomach. Have had some luck with Palmers cocoa butter lotion, they are still there but aren't as purple. Also, totally off topic, it's really good on my tattoo's, brings the vibrancy and colour out and makes them look much better.



Oohh the smell of cocoa butter sets off my asthma. Plus my nostrils go on fire and skin all itchy.... Think I'm stuck wie the stretch marks. Tho mine get painful at times. Is that normal. Being male. We don't know much about these !!!'

Bio oil didn't work for me. Made my tummy look fatter. If that was possible !!


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