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This will be a bit of a rant!

I work 2-3 days a week at a hoilday park as a sports assistant and have done for 14 months now and they have always knew about my asthma and the company doctors and me came up with some rules ie no working before 11am, no outside working, regular rest breaks, no lone working and be careful about working temps. However I have realy been struggling with my asthma and it is very variable. At work I am allot more active than when I am off so I tend to start having poblems. Despite nebs and nurses around they have had to phone ambulances had about 6 out to me at work now. After a spate of admissions in December and 2 ambulances being called I was called in for a meeting a basically they dont want me doing my current job and there isnt any suitable jobs at the moment so have to wait for reports from the asthma team and depending what they say looks like I am going to lose my job. In this meeting they said I was asking too much of the people I work with as they feel they have to look out for me and be on guard and it unfair on the ambulance service having to come out to me at work as it is in the middle of nowhere...... GRRRRR I used to work for the amb service and I would much prefer to go out of an asthmatic even if its more work than some drunk or attenion seeking no win no fee case!

I now dont know what to do with myself.... I know I cant work full time as just get too tired and then prone to asthma attacks...but scared of starting a new job and then losing it again!!!

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Bizkid. Sorry you having problems at work x if you are in a union get them help you or CAB. Asthma can play up for anyone even on action plans and its a waiting game waiting for lungs to settle as you know. Occupational health usualy get brought in and on your side to try help you stay in your job with helpful changes if possible. i went through it and was ok but wasnt for asthma. Good Glynis. Done on phone so might be squoshed up xxx Edit -just read your profile and can see you have asthma bad so hope you get to keep your job xxx


Occupational health have seen me 3 times now and said it might not be the best envoroment but pleased that I havent given up and gone on the sick and set all the resonable adjustments they can but since I dont think its the environment or the work that make me ill just poorly controlled asthma and doing more than I do at home...

I have started looking for a new job as no doubt will take ages to start!

And yes I am on the severe end and end up in hospital and ICU allot!!


Speak to a disability adviser at your job centre bizzkid. The problem may mean u have to give up work as no matter what Job u do. Ur asthma is gonna be bad and results in sick days and hospital admissions and therefore unable to maintain long-term employment Sounds similar to myself recent occy health report has said I'm no longer fit for purpose of employment. Or likely to maintain future employment.

The other subject is the dda act. If after making reasonable adjustment to your employment and despite this your still having sick days and no other alternative jobs your employer cam terminate your contract. However If you can prove that they is other jobs available but where nit offered you can claim unfair dismissal by the employer. Sorry it's a long post. Hope things improve for u ...


Yeah i know i how annoying it is i dont work but that is because no matter how many jobs i apply fo no one wants me because of my conditions and saying i wont be able to do them but i always say how do they know as they are not giving me the chance, but is fustrating, i would suggest that you book a appiontments with disabilty advisor with local job centre, i dont know if they are any good as i am still waiting to see one, and they cant sack you just because of your asthma, is not like they dont know and that is classes as disabilty discrimations. do your research to see if you can lose your job just based on your asthma, espically if you can do the job. go to see the CAB or job centre


The only jobs on village are a waitress in on of the most popular resurants, house keeping or as a quad biking leader all dont met the reuirments set out before in some way.

I have made an appointment with remploy a charity that works with disabled people in employment but think I have reached the end of the road with this company maybe the time away might do some good but still believe that I can do something even if it is working from home a few hours a week fitting around my lungs!


Hope it works out for u. I'm sure u will find something suitable. Keep up the positive spirits.


Hi Bizkid, sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties with your work place, but I can understand the pressure and stresses that your fellow colleagues/employer are facing. It sounds very much like they have done their utmost to accommodate your needs, but despite this life remains difficult for both parties.

If forced to give up work, please don't see it as you have failed, because you haven't, accepting that paid employment isn't a viable option will be tough, it took me a very long time to adjust. Getting another job in these tough times is hard enough any way, and as much as some people will hate me for saying this some employers cannot afford massive readjustments in the work place for disabled people, and will avoid taking on potential employees with health issues/disabilities regardless of DDA. And for anyone who wants to harp on about the DDA act and say that everyone who wishes to work deserves the opportunity, in theory I would agree but on a practical level this isn't always possible. My husband was a small employer once so understand the practicalities of keeping a business afloat.

I think bizkid you have done your very best so far, maybe is time to give yourself a break from paid employment, and I do understand the money implications, been there myself too. The break may well see your health improve, plus it is possible to undertake what the Department of Works and Pensions calls ""Permitted Work,"" which allows you to work some hours whilst still in receipt of benefits. The thinking behind it is I believe that permitted work allows you to remain in contact with society and do something positive for both yourself/your health and the community.

Wishing you the best personal outcome, Katina


Hi Bizkid,

I 'm so sorry to hear you're having trouble with work. I do sympathise as i'm out of work now 3 and a half months from ft work with my asthma this winter. It's not easy. I'm hoping i will keep my job but at the moment don't know.

I do hope you get sorted as you seem to be a really nice person and you've helped me a lot on here.

Take care



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