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I have just had a very up and down admission to costa with its problems! I have just got my discahrge summery and I feel it isnt a true intrepretation of what happened. Firstly missed out the whole ED bit and how ill I was when came in, missed the deteriation when Amino came down before terbutline was started making it sound like I 'adment@ for terbuline to be started. I know my GP tends to read them and informs my consultant but dont want this to play against me, is it fair to attach my version of events to GP's copy?

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I would make an appointment and talk to GP about how you feel about this discharge summary. If you feel important stuff has been left off then I am sure it would be okay to add your comments. But I always find it helpful to talk about an admission with someone.

I have had this problem before when one consultant put sats remained high throughout exacerbation - if sats of 86 are high then they remained high - but when I asked why it was written on discharge summary I was told that it was junior dcotors misinterpretation of what had been said. Always good to queery after all it is written about you. Try not to get too upset about it I know this is so much easier said than done.


i absolutely hate discharge summaries!!

they are never a true reflection of what happened throughout the admission and dont include what you are given by greeen meanies or how bad you are in resus grrr...

as said in other pst by honey they are written by junior docs, so maybe its down to lack of experience in writting them!

i always tell my consultant and gp exactly what happened - if i can remember due to lack of oxygen and barely being awake...

but they always get the jist of it

x x


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