AUK non presenting accurate info ?

Recent media release by AUK says that use of Acetaminophen (pracetamol) has no impact on asthma, yet the data from the trial suggests otherwise.

The study revealed a significant link between acetaminophen use and eczema or asthma risk.

Asthma or eczema risk linked to acetaminophen (paracetamol) was found to be:

* 43% higher asthma risk among medium users compared to non-users

* 31% higher eczema risk among medium users compared to non-users

* 2.51 times the risk of developing asthma among high users compared to non-users

* 99% higher risk of developing eczema among high users compared to non-users

acetaminophen intake was classified as:

* None

* Medium - at least once over the last 12 months

* High - at least once a month

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  • Thought this was interesting. My son and I take a fair amount of paracetamol when we are ill. My husband is always cautioning against it. Whatever AUK says, I am going to cut right down, at least for my son.

  • I very rarely take pain killers which is good but Ben has them regularly for stomach cramps, was told ibroprofen lethal for crohns so wont let my boys have it just in case.Ben has codeine for the pain now, it makes him trippy but helps.Try to limit it as it's addictive

  • I have always taken paracetamol due to being allergic to codeine and asprin, so unless its serious pain when I use tramadol I always take these, and have never found that it affects my asthma.


  • Paracetamol is my first choice drung for pain.

    I am sure there are other drugs that may increase risks too.....

    Some are well known and contraindicated but others out there may be more subtle.

    I am sure many drugs cause all sorts of other problems, side effects etc.

    I think it is a balance of things.

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