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Exercise ?

Just wondering if anyone else had similar experiences.

Last night I went for a run, no problems during the run, the about 1hr later and all through the night and today had cough, tight chest and breathlessness.

I didn't use my ventolin before the run, as I was fine, and the weather was warm, but sure needed it later, during the night I woke and required it, and then today twice. Should I be worried? not experienced this before, usually during or quickly recover by next morning.



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This could be due to the weather, I get really bad in damp weather !

Also you could be getting a cold it might night come out for a few days.

I stopped doing my cross trainer for a year because of my asthma I just couldn't breath at all, but I've started it again a couple of months ago but I always take my ventolin before and half way through else I couldn't do it !

It could be pollen, the last few days its done me in !



Just a thought - air pollution? The levels here in London have hit high today - 8 on a scale of 1-10. It has been fine, but the levels seem to suddenly shoot up a few days into a good weather spell. It's sent me from good again to wheezy and I don't go running (and I am also not even normally a wheezer)! I don't know if you get the same effect in Dorset.



thanks for the suggestions, no I am not getting a cold, I can't and don't want one (power of positive thinking, It does work), actually I really hope not, suffered enough last year with them.

Pollution and pollen are possible I suppose, not having gone through a spring with asthma I was hoping the warmer weather would be an improvement over the cold damp winter, or can it actually be worse?

I can't explain it anyway, everything back to normal readings today, and just got back from the pool, hard work but feel better for it.


woody som, i get this, i do the exercise and at the time of doing it i am fine no problems, but then a few hours later or during the night i need my neb/inhaler as my chest goes crazy. I have spoken to my consultant about it and he says it does happen in some asthmatics. i unfort cannot remeber why he said it happened but there are other people who it happens too. Just remeber to not push your self too hard at the time even if you feel fine, as your symptoms from doing too much will come later and more often than not during the night.

Hope that is help ful.


plumie, thanks, glad (sort off) that i'm not alone in this and that the docs do know, but it hit me hard this time. I'll mention it at my check-up at the end of the month.


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