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Asthma at work

Cleapss is a recognised science advisory service for many authorities in the UK. It provides, amongst other things, risk assessments for science lessons in schools. Guide 195 pertains to a smoking machine experiment where a cigarette is lit and smoke is dragged via a pump back through cotton wool, universal indicator etc to show pupils the visible bad effects of smoking. The advice states this must be done in a fume cupboard but that the fumes are not extracted until after the cigarette has finished burning, in order to derive greater effect. Given that I have asthma, I have asked that the fume cupboard extractor fan is switched on during burning and after until smoke is cleared from the fume cupboard in order to prevent anyone being exposed to cigarette smoke (especially myself!). This has met with resistance from work, who suggest this is unreasonable and the children's education will suffer if the full effects are ot viewed. This is only allowed in English schools! Can anyone offer legal advice on whether I am asking for a reasonable adjustment here? Also, what are the chances of campaigning to get this advice changed by Cleapss so that they advise to switch the extractor fan on from when the cigarette is lit and for sufficient time afterwards so as to prevent cigarette smoke egressing into the classroom and affectign the poor asthmatics?!

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Whilst i agree that the effects on asthmatics may be immeadiate i am sure i would not want my child exposed to smokjng fumes in class asthmatic or not. I think there is a definite need for change here. How can we possibly justify exposing children, some of whom may already be dmoking and some not, to smoke in their classroom. wow that has me serioudly rsttled!!sorry about s d and a typos new touch phone grr


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