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Dyslexia and Asthma

So I've just been in a sociology of medicine lecture (one that's normally quite dull and half the room leave for) but I like sociology so normally stay.

Anyway for part of the lecture they were discussing links between conditions, one of which was between dyslexia and asthma. Now I have severe-ish asthma and mild-ish dyslexia. My dyslexia hasn't stopped me much in life but sometimes I do struggle with certain elements of reading and spelling.

I was just wondering how relevant this research is and how many people on here have dyslexia aswell as asthma?

I tried to get the link up from the research shown in the lecture, but it's not avalible unless your signed up to the journals (like our university is) but if you google it some interesting free articles come up.


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I have both, I have had asthma since i was a baby, but has turned severe in the last year. i was diagnosed with dyslexia when i was primary school, even though i still struggle with maths, and spelling. it has improved a lot since i started secondary school


Hi there,

thats interesting to read. I have never linked the two. I have brittle asthma and also have pretty bad dyslexia (i get a reader and scribe and computer programs i cant work to help me!!!).

would be interested to hear of anyone else has found that link too,



I can't tell you how pleased I am that someone else has been told about the link between dyslexia and asthma - see my post on the Asthma Running in Families thread. I found out about this around 30 years ago, after my son was diagnosed as dyslexic, but since that one piece of information I've never seen or read about the link since and was beginning to think that either I'd imagined it or thinking had changed and someone had decided the link didn't exist after all.


Just like other posting on here I have mild dyslexia and severe asthma, never thought their was any link until I just read this. Its very interesting thanks for sharing. Amanda


I have both to!


yep as well

have mild ish dyslexia ans asthma never thought to link the two


Interesting but...

I'm a little skeptical. If you think about the proportion of people that have asthma and the proportion that have dyslexia (both quite high proportions of the general population) you would expect to find many individuals with both (and / or several other combinations). I would be far more suprised if everyone had replied 'no not me'.

I'd be very interested to read the article (do you have a link Ally? - I can access them through my uni) and look at where/what statistical significance they found and the possible reasons - for instance, are individuals diagnosed with asthma and dyslexia in a better position to acquire a diagnosis (of anything/multiple conditions)?


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