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Running and Breathing!


After what feels like forever, I appear to be getting some control back over my asthma. Before I developed what was diagnosed as brittle asthma I used to be very active and especially loved running, which sadly I had to completly give up. However last week I decided It was safe to start back... although my asthma was okayish, I had problems with my breathing pattern. I didn't know if I should have been breathing through my mouth and out through my nose, the other way round, or just mouth or nose breathing... I'm sure before I just ran... could anybody give me some advice on this?

thanks ally :)

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not sure there is a correct answer. Guess from an asthma point of view, and as you're starting back then in through the nose and out through the mouth or nose would be best. I've tried it and does work but as you up the pace and it'll be a while before you get to that stage then in and out through the mouth is the only way I can get enough oxygen for my pace, but to warm the air before it enters my lungs in the cold weather I tend to wear a buff over my mouth, this time of the year I'm OK without.

Good luck and enjoy it, and as pilates instructors always say to newbies, forget the breathing, but just breath.


Agree with Woody - just breathe, don't worry too much about the how/when of it. And make sure you're running slow enough to start off with - you should be able to get at least a few words out easily - any faster, you're running too fast. To start with, you may feel you're running ridiculously slowly - but this will quickly improve.

FWIW at the start of a run I breath in through the nose and out through the mouth; depending on how hard the session is, it then changes to pure mouth breathing.




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