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Hyperactivity and steroids


I've had my daily steroids raised by my consultant due to a slight viral sniffle that was making me more wheezy, but I'm struggling with feeling hyperactive yet I'm really tired. This morning I woke at 6.30 ater taking my pred at 5am and havn't been able to sit still since, I've wriggled through lecture, scrubbed our student house clean,been to the gym!!! and now can't sit still long enough to concentrate on my uni work and I'm so so tired.

Can anyone give me any suggestions of how to calm down a bit? I've never had this before to such an extreme.

Any Advice would be great thank you!


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Hi Ally

I have the same problem. Been on pred daily for years now and currently on 55mg, always feeling hyper and 'twitchy' luckily I'm a bloke so cleaning just isn't an option I would consider haha but I do find I can't concentrate on a simple task like watching the tv or a film. I sit and tap my fingers shake my leg and just generally annoy my girlfriend. I also tend to chat non-stop about complete rubbish, I willl pick up the phone and chat for hours to friends about nothing. This talking non-sence may well be another male thing though! I know none of this has given you any answers but it should let you know you're not alone.

Have you tried having a quiet bath in the dark with some candles (ironicaly I can't do this as it sets off my asthma) seems to relax my girlfriend when she is tense with her uni course although thats not chemical induced hyper state.

There is a breathing technique called Butekyo breathing and if you google that and try a bit of that it is very relaxing. Your resp physio can help with this but that will take a while to organise. Also you could try CBT, that has a relaxation element to the course.

Try lying down and clearing your mind (not easy I know) and then screw up your toes and hold for 5 then relax, repeat a few timeas and feel the difference between a relaxed muscle and a tightened one, then do the same with tour calf, thigh, bum, stomach, shoulders, mouth, cheeks, eyes and forehead. you should be left feeling a little more relaxed...hopefully!

Good luck, J


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