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On Thursday I had surgery on my shoulder under general anaesthetic and was let out of hospital yesterday morning. The anaesthetic has made me quite sick, has anyone else had this? and if so what did you do about you do about your asthma meds? My asthma has been okay, but not great, so I'm getting a bit concerned about the tablets. Anyone got any tips to stop sickness?

My other question is, pain wise, whats the best options for asthmatics? I'm taking tramadol but it's not ideal as it knocks me out quite a bit.


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Hi Ally,

No idea how much help I can be - can't help with the first question, except wondering if you could maybe ask for a brief course of anti-nausea something to tide you over and keep asthma meds down? Or would this be too much medication/not worth it for a short time? Did they warn you about the anaesthetic making you feel sick or told you how long it might last?

re pain relief - NSAIDs obviously not the number 1 choice for an asthmatic, and as a medical student you'd probably know more, but I get the impression they're not completely off the list if you haven't had a bad reaction before. I've been taking ibuprofen for my rib inflammation and it seems to have worked well and not done anything to my lungs (admittedly I'm a bit weird in that dept as you know since you replied to my post, but took it before when I had 'real' asthma and it was ok). It probably does depend on you and your asthma though, is there anyone you could ask?

Sorry I can't be more help, hope you start feeling better soon and the op has sorted the problem it was meant to! xxx



Have been wondering the same as going for first general anaesthetic with operation on sinuses and deviated septum. I know ginger can help with sickness/nausea and some people use the acupressure wrist bands etc Have you got any antisickness?

Not sure about painkillers as have had conflicting advice but generally it seems if you don't react to aspirin/ibuprofen... use with care. Have you tried paracetamol/codeine, tramadol is stronger I think though?


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