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All Hail the Inhaler

What does your inhaler mean to you?

if it wasn't for my trusty Ventolin

i wouldn't have traveled the world

i wouldn't have succeeded in my career

i wouldn't have obtained a degree

i wouldn't have become financially secure

i wouldn't have got fit and active

i wouldn't have a pet dog

i wouldn't have met my wife

thanks to the person who invented ventolin

i owe you a pint.

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Nicely put Christopher, i'd buy that person a pint as well!


Too right.

Actually - if it wasn't for ventolin I probably wouldn't be here at all.



And I wouldn't have swum 30 lengths in the baths today - it is a small pool and was a struggle but I feel better for doing it!


My salamol keeps me dancing all night long

Showed my boyfriend (now fiance) that I cant cope with cigarette smoke- and made him quit :D

Allowed me to walk to work when I want

But has also sprayed my medication in my eye (easi-breathe) :(

So while it has helped me... it does have a mood swing every now and again!!!


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