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Maria and Fluff


I am writing for some advice.

My daughter Maria (12) has had asthma for half her life. She has two inhalers , a purple one and a blue one. Lately, in the past month or two, it has been getting progressively worse. We have been to the doctor, first he prescribed some antihestamines, which didn't really help at all, now she has some singulair tablets he has prescribed just last monday. Her chest appears to be clear. She coughs thousand times a day, more in the evening and also in her sleep.

The doctor has suggested that the problem might be our cat Fluff. She is 4 years old. We have had her for the first year and a half of her life, than she went missing for two years, and we have only just got her back about 6 months ago. Maria never had any problems when Fluff was young, before she disappeared. I know if we were to remove Fluff from the house it would cause a lot of heartache. We've had Fluff's son in the time she was missing, unfortunately he was killed by a car just outside the house. So, losing Fluff again would be devastating.

If it is the only option though, and it would get Maria better, I don't see that I have a choice.

Please can you advise me. Thank you very much.

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Hi, we had the same problem when had a cat and its me with the asthma.I Went to my docs and asked for a RAST TEST to cat and dog allergy thats done with a blood test.I found out i was ok.Also had skin test and that was ok also.Hope that helps you a bit .xxx


Hi Magdi

My son had the allergy test and it came up positive for cats we rehomed both our cats and his everyday symptoms have improved, obviously it is not a cure and he does still have attacks regularly! I now find that hs reaction to cats is much worse when he goes to anyone's house where there is a cat. So there are fores and against rehoming a cat as in our case his reaction has got worse! I think your first course of action would be to ask the doctor for allergy testing and then if it comes up positive perhaps you could try putting the cat in a cattery or something to see how your daughter is! The other thing is if you are planning a holiday maybe see how she is away fom the cat then. It is such a difficult decision to make. I hope your daughters asthma improves and things settle down.

Let us know how things go.

Clare x


To both Glynis and Clarebear,

thank you so much for your advice. I have never even heard of this test. It was never brought up with the doctor. I will take care of it first thing tomorrow, and of course let you know how we get on.

Thank you again.

All the best, Magdi


In the short term.... It might be worth seeing if you can limit the places your cat goes whilst in the house to prevent cat dander spreading all over the house. Once you restrict your cats movements you may not see an improvement straight away as the dander takes some time to clear from a house as it gets everywhere! But it may give you another option, which involves less heartache...



I'd definitely try to get the test - I think some doctors just go straight to pets as a cause and they can be - allergic asthma is more common - but Maria might have a different sort of asthma or cats might not be a trigger for her. My granddad was asthmatic, had all sorts of triggers including I believe pollen but never cats; his sister (my great-aunt) was allergic to horses but I think not dogs or cats.

Not that I'm an expert so this may be complete rubbish but would have thought if she was having a reaction to Fluff antihistamines ought to do at least something...? I hope the montelukast works; it's done wonders for me even though I don't have allergic asthma (works well for exercise-induced asthma as well).


I would get her allergy tested. My consultant was absolutely convinced that my 4 cats cause my asthma. I was equally convinced they had nothing to do with it. Had allergy testing done...absolutely zero response to cats. I therefore still have all 4 of my little mogs :)


update on the RAST test - phoned our local surgery this morning, receptionist didn't have a clue what i was after, anyway first time they can get her in for a blood test is 22/03/12, 5 weeks from now. wish i could do something to get her in today or a lot sooner than her appointment, just no idea how. thank you all again lots, keep you posted. all the best, magdi


Around our area if you have the paperwork for blood test from your GP you can go and get blood tests done at your local hospital...



MY SON has began to react to cats,recently he has been to peoples houses in the past with animals but the last three times hes been to someone that ahs cats he react really badly and he never did before,we are going to hopital to have allergy testing done in two weeks to see what hes reacting too, we alsohave a rabbit and he was always firn with the rabbit but since the cat reaction he reacts if the rabbits goes near him too.not sure if thats of any help at all...


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