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I need advice

As I have written before, My doc thinks that I am alergic to my dog, and it is causing my brittle asthma. Even though I was sick for two years before I got the dog. Today, I went in and my meds seem to be working or I was maybe just having a good day. He was thrilled and said that it was good that I have not been near my dog for a while. I said that I had not been away from the dog, and. he changed his tune saying that I still had to get rid of my dog.I dont understand what this guy is trying to do to me. one minute I am doing so good and the next I am not because of the dog. help!!!??

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Your Gp sounds like most other people...if you've got a pet that must be causing the asthma...

you need to ask for allergy testing, this will prove or disprove your dog is making things worse.

When my asthma got worse everyone said it was work related but allergy testing proved it wasn;t

Good luck

Truly x


For what it's worth, I have a cat and yes, I'm actually allergic to cats (though not too badly). However, I was brittle asthmatic before I had the cat and I figured seeing as I'm going to be ill anyway I may as well have the company and love of the cat and be ill, rather than ill and lonely to boot. I also think that the cat (Zach) is good for me emotionally and that to get rid of him, as my asthma consultant would have me do if he got his way, would cause so much stress and upset that my asthma would be no better and possibly even worse.



Can you have the de-sensitisation injections? At the hospital they have tested me to see if I am allergic to my guide dog. They've said that if I am they can give me de-sensitisation injections. I know its slightly different as I actually need my dog to be able to walk around outdoors independently but its worthwhile asking.

I definately think pets are very therapeutic, its good to have the company especially if you are ill.


I think that's doctors for you (sorry docs). Regardless of what the problem is you must give up smoking/cut down on drinking/loose weight - and if it is a breathing problem you must give up pets, take up carpets, dig up the lawn etc etc. I had a doc tell me in one sentence that the allergy tests were negative for dust mite and in the next give me detailed instructions about hoovering the mattress twice a week. Trouble is they make is sound like you have to completely turn your life upside down - and it is left up to you to work out what you think might work and what you can live with changing.

And yes, I have a cat, had her long before my asthma got bad, and have no intention of getting rid of her unless the docs can guarantee that if I did the asthma would markedly improve, which they can't.


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