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Is this a cold/virus or asthma?

For the last few months, on top of the wheeze I have been really suffering with a persistent dry cough, as has my daughter. Mine has escalated over the last week and now I have lost my voice, and my chest feels totally constricted. I don't know whether I am simply suffering from a bad cold or from some sort of asthma attack? I have a reliever blue inhaler, but it only seems to barely touch the symptoms when I start to wheeze, and I am now using it several times an hour.

How can I tell the difference between a chest cold and asthma? Sorry if it is a stupid question!

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I'm not expert but I would say it sounds like some kind of virus that is upsetting your asthma. Do you use a preventer? If so, prehaps you need it tweaking?

Hope you feel better soon!



I would reckon if you using ventolin/reliever several times an hour with no improvement then you need to seek medical help!


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