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Doctors :@

Hi, last weekend i started to feel unwell so immediately started multi-dosing (as per plan) however it seemed to have no effect at all:( so on monday i decided to visit my asthma nurse to get my steroid injection in the hope that it would improve my breathing...it didnt so on wednesday i went to my doctor who said that he couldnt see anything wrong (despite the fact that i couldnt even string a sentence together and was nearly in tears) but i managed to get some prednisolone and another appointment the next day, requested by doctor, and it didnt work so when i went back to the doc the next day he just said that there was nothing more he could give me :O

i have never been so frightened as nothing seemed to work and it felt as though the doc couldnt care less and was more concerned in passing the responsibility onto someone else:@

Ok thats my rant over, thanks guys :)

Hope you are all well, Becca

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O becca poor you, you sound so poorly and been treated badly. You're far worse than I and yet my GP knows I have pred and antibiotics and gave me scripts to get more last week when I saw him, he knows I'll use it when I really need it and you certainly sound as though you need something. Daft as it may sound A&E out of hours could as a last resort be worth a try.


Hi Becca,

Hope you are feeling better,

I know how you feel, I went to the doctors last monday with very sharp pains in my chest and I couldn't breathe and she didn't even come near me to examine me and said that there was nothing she could do for me and I had to wait to see the consultant which isn't until 12th feb, I thought they were supposed to be there to help you inbetween.



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