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Feeling a bit guilty!

Hi all hope you are all well...or getting well.

Last night my peakflow dropped to 190 within the space of about an hour, so as per usual i started multidosing and hoping for the best :) but as usual the peak flows didnt rise, so i bravely phoned an ambulance (dont usually have to as there are normally family about to look after me and take me in) and was taken to hospital....and to my absolute delight after two nebs and some pred later i was fine!! a first for home i came and i now feel really quite guilty for taking up precious amblance and medics time! i wonder if maybe i should have waited a bit longer before phoning the ambulance .

Has anyone else had experiences like this?

Thanks becca

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yup, the exact same thing happened to me. except that they kept me in, and i deteriorated again later, ending up ventilated. so i don't think its a waste of ambulance time. cuz you never know, to begin with wich way its gonna turn, and its always better to be safe than sorry with asthma. so i dont think you need to worry or be feeling guilty. i bet they get other calls that are for much less serious stuff than that! hope you have a good rest at home now!


100% you did the right thing.


Why feel guilty the nebs and preds worked? It got sorted and your better now so its done the trick. The quicker they sort it the better your health.



That's how it's meant to happen - the ideal situation is that you nip it in the bud before it gets too bad, which it probably would have done if you'd waited.

Besides, you're taking up less NHS time and money by being discharged so quickly.


You definately did the right thing.


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