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my eureka moment!!

you know those moments when you suddenly work out a trigger that's been grumbling you for months... well i did today.

turns out my asthma is mega affected by an impending period - the second my period starts my lungs pick up.

hadn't realised this because my periods are so erratic - but i've back checked hospital admissions and cycle, and every hospital visit has been 2-3 days before a period. it doesn't seem to be every cycle, but every big flare up correlates.

feel so happy - at least i know what's causing them so i can take appropriate preventative steps!!

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Mention this to your GP! Hormones can play havoc with asthma in some people.

Sometimes the 'pill' or similar can help..... worth looking at.

I don't have any pattern so can't advise anymore on it!

But Hormones and high doses of pred can make me feel really peeeeed ooorf! PMT from Hell, and it is worse when I have been not well in hosp.


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